Natural Remedies For Yeast Infections

{flickr|100|campaign} Quickly managing a yeast infections symptoms is the first step in treatment. There are over-the-counter medications available, but some people may have personal reservations or health restrictions and will prefer a natural treatment. As always, consult your doctor or alternative health care provider before doing any sort of self-treatment, especially if you are pregnant. It never hurts to get an expert opinion from a person who has actually seen your condition.

You can reduce yeast infection problems at home with natural treatments. Honey, raw garlic, oil from the tea tree, and ACV (apple cider vinegar) are what we will write about.

Raw honey has been used for literally thousands of years as an effective cure for a wide variety of ailments. Please not the emphasis on raw honey, not pasteurized or refined. Local honey generally fits the critera of unrefined and raw. Honey from the local area is said to help with local allergies. Local honey has an added advantage that it supports local beekeepers. Raw honey can be applied to the area and left on for 1/2 hour. Then simply wash away with cool water.

Let’s talk about garlic; this is a anti-fungal plant. Just like honey, you would apply garlic directly to the area affected by the yeast infection. It sounds strange, but it can be used as a suppository. You do want to use fresh garlic ideally, though a garlic capsule may have the same effect. Simply keep a single peeled clove of garlic overnight for a few nights in a row. For preventative measures, eating garlic will help in treating a fungal infection. Raw garlic has an offensive taste to some. You can cover up the garlic taste by mixing it with some strong liquid flavor. Chopped garlic in water can be drunk quickly.

Honey and Garlic can be applied to the skin, and also eaten. Tea tree oil is not for internal use. Drinking tea tree oil in large quantities can be toxic. Tea tree oil is a strong germ and fungus killer. Traditionally used in Australia, it is used for a wide variety of skin treatments. Apply tea tree oil to the affected area by diluting it heavily. Even putting a few drops on gauze and inserting as a suppository will have anti-fungal action.

Apple cider vinegar is a well-known natural treatment. You can dilute some apple cider vinegar and take a shallow bath with the solution. Two cups in bath water is good enough. Apple cider vinegar is commonly drunk daily. The recipes is 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar mixed with 1 glass of water.