Natural Home Remedies for Alcoholism ? Best Natural Way to Give Up Alcohol


The term ‘alcoholism’ refers to a physical condition when the body becomes too much dependent on alcohol. This leads to excessive intake of alcohol; an addiction towards drinks and habitual intoxication. Excessive intake of alcohol takes a toll on the victim’s general health.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

1. Making excuses for drinking
2. Difficulty in stopping once drinking has commenced
3. Drinking in huge quantities
4. Tolerance to the effects of alcohol
5. Becoming irritated when criticized about drinking
6. Mood swings
7. Denial of drinking problems
8. Aggressive behavior
9. Missing work
10. Solitary drinking
11. Losing interest in social activities
12. Drinking early in the morning after waking up in order to avoid hang-over.
13. Impaired memory
14. Sleeping disorders
15. Redness of eyes and puffy face
16. Depression, anxiety and irritability
17. Nausea and vomiting
18. Fast heartbeats
19. Rough voice
20. Unsteady gait
21. Abdominal pain
22. Poor appetite
23. Experiencing paranoia or unnatural fears.

Home Remedies for Alcoholism

1. Consumption of apples, bananas and grapes in large quantities would help to eliminate intoxication from the body. These fruits purify blood and strengthen heart and lungs.

2. Three teaspoon of bitter gourd juice or bitter gourd leaves juice mixed in a glass of butter milk may be taken in empty stomach every morning to manage the problem of alcoholism.

3. Eating plenty of dates is an effective home remedy for alcoholism. One may also rub 4-5 dates in half a glass water and drink twice every day.

4. Drinking celery juice mixed in a glass of water has proved highly beneficial for treating alcoholism.

5. One must turn to candies and other snacks if he or she feels an urge for alcohol consumption.

6. Drinking of orange or lemon juice keeps the victim away from alcoholism.

7. Drinking a glass of carrot juice can effectively check temptation towards alcohol.

8. The victim should be on a balanced, nutritious diet. Diet should include nuts, cereal, whole grains, sprouts, and vegetables. In other words, nutritious diet would help to counter the symptoms arising from alcoholism by increasing the body’s resistance power.

9. Taking bouillon soup is an effective home remedy for treating hang-over. It replenishes the loss of body salts and minerals like potassium.

10. Refined food items like flour, sugar, rice and macaroni products are to be avoided.

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