Natural Cure For Yeast Infection – Sarah Summer Treatment and Other Natural Remedies For Candidiasis


There are tons of natural cures for yeast infection reports on the Internet. There are herbal, holistic and daily habit remedies. You might even have heard about the Sarah Summer cure. All of these options have things in common: all-natural, simple to prepare and inexpensive. Below, we look at some of the highly favored remedies for vaginal and male yeast infection.

Natural cure for vaginal Candida infection

Women who have vaginal Candidiasis can find relief from all-natural remedies that they can easily prepare at home. One popular natural treatment is the use of garlic. It can be made into a paste or simply crushed. The paste can be applied to the vulvar area or the crushed clove can be dabbed on the sore areas or where symptoms appear. Crushed garlic can also be wrapped in cheesecloth and inserted in the vagina. Make sure to use an unflavored strand of dental floss so that the tampon-like cure can be pulled out again.

Natural remedies for male yeast infection

Penile Candidiasis is the most common form of yeast infection among men. Symptoms are usually in the form of redness and soreness in the foreskin or in the area around the head of the penis. The discomfort can be easily remedied by washing the affected areas with a mixture of water and vinegar. Tea tree oil applied on the itchy parts of the penis is also said to be an effective cure. These treatments can also be used by women with vaginal Candidiasis and natural cures used by women can also be used by male patients.

What’s good about natural remedies

Natural cures for Candidiasis are highly effective and relatively safe. They do not have artificial ingredients that can result in adverse reactions and they can be easily prepared. Furthermore, they will not cost much, and finding the ingredients will not require too much effort. Be it herbal or holistic or e-books like the Sarah Summer cure, natural treatment can do the job when it comes to yeast infection.

Simple lifestyle changes

Using natural cures should not be enough, though. Practicing proper hygiene and making adjustments on one’s daily habits should also be considered to make any treatment effective. Make sure to keep the body clean, particularly the genital areas. Avoid letting sweat just dry out on the skin. Cut down on sugary foods, beer and smoking to prevent the immune system from being compromised. Above all, eat right, sleep enough and exercise. A healthy body is still the best protection against any kind of infection.

Natural cure for yeast infection can be really effective. However, protecting one’s self from acquiring the condition by leading a healthy life is still the best way to protect yourself from Candidiasis.