My Experience as a Publisher with StudAds

My Experience as a Publisher with StudAds

There is on doubt that PPC Ad Networks are the best way of earning money for web entrepreneurs. Using such networks publishers can make a lot
of money. But every PPC ad network does not allow publishers to make the full usage of this opportunity. There are many ad networks which pay
either a low CPC or pay only when a sale is generated.

Such networks can highly impact the earning possibilities of a publisher. So choosing a great network for generating great working opportunities is
a must for every publisher who has desires of managing a great online business. Although Google Adsense sticks on the top of the list for most
publishers, still wecan not underestimate the value of some other ad networks.

I also belong to thecommunity of web entrepreneurs and I love to discover the earning opportunities of several PPC ad networks. Froma couple of
months I have been using StudAds and today I am going toshare my experience with you guys!

The first thing that I liked about StudAds is this that they share 90% of the revenue generated with publishers. This allows us to get most out of our
hardly earned money. They also deliver higher CPCs for maximizing our earning opportunities as much as possible. During the period of my usage,
earnings generated by my StudAds account were nearly equal to the earnings generated through my Adsense account. Both accounts had only 1
ad slot on the site. For CPCs I found that StudAds can pay much higher than Adsensefor every click, depending on the amount of traffic our site is

Second best thing in StudAds is it’spayout limit. Minimum payout limit is as low as $ 10 only so we do not need to wait for generating $ 100+ like Adsense.
This is the lowest amount of minimum payout limit offered by any ad network. If we have earned, then we can get it on the soonest.

Another thing that is a lot speedier in StudAds is it’s account approval system. It is a lot simpler as compared to one that of Adsense. When you apply
for an account, you will get approved in a matter of minutes. Adsense often refuses small websites, but BrezeAds doesn’t. If you have applied, then
you will be welcomed!

When I checked ad relevancy with my webpage’s content, I found that StudAds showed relevant ads even in the cases when Adsensefailed to present
relevant ads. Their complex algorithm is much smarter in choosing ads for any website. During my usage I never found a single irrelevant ad placed
on my site from the network of StudAds. It s a fact that seriously affects our earnings, you know.

So finally I want to say that I have found StudAds to be a great ad network for every web entrepreneur. And I liked it so much that I have to say it is
one of the best ad networks ever tested by me. You can also maximize your earing opportunities a lot by adding StudAds to your website or blog!

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and the best advertising network of the year 2015. StudAds is also one of the best
advertising networks of 2014 & 2015 too.