Music Education in California

Music Education can be defined as a study that is directly affiliated with the teaching and learning of music. It is a major factor in the process of development of certain important traits like music appreciation and sensitivity.  The amalgamation of music training can be inculcated right form preschool to postsecondary education and is considered as a prime most factor of the culture and behavior. Music thus can be called as language that marks us different from other animals.

Music is considered to have been working as stress buster and enhances students so that they perform better both academically and individually. Music provides the students with a special facility to rejuvenate you. Those students, who are exposed to music at a really early age, enhance themselves with qualities like better reading and grasping power, math proficiency, etc… According to a recent study, students learning with music education are termed to be drastically enhancing student’s ability to resolve complex problems of both math and science.

As per a survey, students participating in the music programs are proven to score higher both on verbal and written tests as compared to the students who are not exposed to the musical education. Students receiving music education are seen to be aloof of ill habits like drugs, gangs, alcohol, etc… Music is regarded to encourage creativity, imagination, and confidence which results in guaranteed success.

It is seen that the ratio of music education in California has been seen decreasing in the recent years. The music education acquired by the students in California is declined by the rate of 85.5%, with about 264,821 students staying away from music education. Thus it is seen that the students in California lacks in art education even at elementary level. About 29% of California schools do not offer courses in music, visual arts, dance and theater. And thus this enables to fall short of goals to achieve art education. 61% schools are seen to have no Art specialist for full time. The music and entertainment field has seen dramatic decline due to lack of music education. Many students have low access to the music education resulting in their loss. Students accessing the music education seem to lose required interest in the respected fields.

Music education is termed to be very important aspect of student’s life. Music is a stress buster, an activity that enables the students to rejuvenate all the energy in them and get back to their studies. Music can be opted as career too. Art form is very important in almost everyone’s life. It is one aspect which should not be neglected by anybody and thus we expect the California state to understand the importance of Music education and include it student’s curriculum as soon as possible.