Museums of Nottingham

If you are looking for fantastic pastime Nottingham is one of the loveliest cities of the country that can provide you with amusement, enjoyment and almost all kinds of music. It is also a place of many interesting pages in history and culture. Thus some special places of the city such as historical sites, art galleries and museums can help you to look back and discover staggering and interesting events of the past not only of the city but the whole country as well. Nottingham`s places of interest will fill you up with tremendous and vivid impressions. Museum and Art Gallery, Nottingham Castle This very museum that is to exhibit objects of historical and cultural interest has its own long history. First it was the first municipal art gallery in the UK, then it moved into Nottingham Castle, there it was burned by some rioters. Later it was restored by well known local architect Thomas Chambers Hine and then grew quickly thanks to public donations. Nowadays this museum has a fascinating collection of antique objects and items that have been found during archeological excavations carried out in the numerous manmade caves, underground passage and dungeons of the city. Items of ceramics and silver, Venetian glass and armour, paintings and drawings and other treasures of the country take your breath away when you visit the museum. Thanks to children’s exhibitions this art gallery is popular even among very young generation. You can also visit a gallery where art works of contemporary artists are displayed. This free Angel Row Gallery you can find at the Central Library. It has many thought-provoking in nature shows and also contains interactive exhibits for children. There are even several workshops and courses available in the gallery. In the district of Lace Market there are other art galleries and Lakeside Arts Centre that has a lot visual art to share with you including music, dance and theatre. Visiting Brewhouse Yard you will be able to discover interesting information about the place and attend some subterranean man carved dwellings which served as air raid shelters during World War II and a pub dating back to the 11th century. All the houses of the Brewhouse Yard were refurbished and now they keep the historical collection of the place. There are also shops where you can purchase different things from days gone by, including antique articles of personal consumption, paintings, photographs, pieces of furniture, machinery and more. Green’s Windmill is another place of interest that really deserves your attention. Built in the 19th century it is still operating producing best quality flour. Cognitive tour can give you much to explore there. The Natural History Museum will show you wonderful collections of local and international naturalists. There you can find and see over three quarters of a million specimens of creatures that once existed or still do on our planet. There are the remains of prehistoric plants and animals embedded in rocks and preserved in their petrified form, various minerals, insects, plants, and animals. Spending a couple of days in the city of Nottingham and learning its history sure will leave you very impressed. So if you make your mind to live in the city for some reason or other you will never feel regret. Letting agent Nottingham or students accommodation Nottingham will see to take care of you and find the accommodation you are going to appreciate.