Muscle Definition

To define a muscle is to develop it and separate it from other muscles. To do this takes a lot of hard work and a lot of exercise. To achieve this with all your muscle groups is something to be proud of and you will definitely look great.

But what is the most common mistake that most people make?

I will answer that in a minute, but first I would just like to make it clear that although muscle definition is something that is probably known as a bodybuilding term, which is more commonly referred to as being ripped. This article is not aimed at just bodybuilders, in fact serious bodybuilders would not get any benefit from it as they would know their craft and not be making this common mistake.

So I guess it is aimed at would be bodybuilders or people that just want a muscular body or even just a good fit healthy looking body that has that lack of hanging fat.

So now that is out of the way back to the question, what is the most common mistake most people make ?

Right lets talk muscles, now although there are many muscles in our bodies the easiest thing to do is bag them up in simple groups. So here goes starting from the top..

Shoulders The front, side and rear delts
Chest The lower, mid and upper Pecs
Back The Lats
Arms The biceps, triceps and forearms
Torso The lower. mid and upper abs, The obliques
Bum The Glutes
Legs The Quads, biceps and calves

There are many more in and around these areas, but these are how they are commonly known.

So lets get onto that common mistake about muscle definition. If you were to train all these muscles equally then you would eventually obtain just that, but the mistake many people make ( especially men) is that they may train their pecs and biceps excessively compared to the rest of their other muscle groups. The result is that they end up with a great chest and great arms but are so out of proportion. Thin legs on a big chested big armed person being the obvious one that springs to mind.

Muscle definition is an amazing look but only when it is achieved in all muscle groups. So if you are pumping up that chest and working those arms hard, stop neglecting the rest of those muscles, let them catch up and get you body back in proportion.