Murder That Mold

Two months ago, my new home in California stood humbly. Courtesy of a home construction Bay Area team, I must say I am pretty proud of it. I will not discuss how, even though small, luxurious (ehem) my interior is. Instead, let me tell you a lurking ghost inside an attractive tub pimped by a bathroom remodeling CA one-team man.

Last week, I was on the phone talking to a roofing contractor from San Francisco while enjoying my wife’s milk bath. In its creepiest instance, green goblins prowl the edges of my bath tub. My tub is new so what are these molds doing in my milk bath?!

My brother is an owner of a small Marin plumbing agency. I thought I’d avail his service, although it’s not his field, since I forgot to give him champagne on his last birthday. That would compensate for everything, I said to myself. I phoned him immediately and talked to his secretary who was my niece. He transferred me at once to my dearest brother. He told me it’s a waste of money to hire someone to remove those molds. He suggested two ways to remove them naturally. Since I’m Mr. save-the-environment, I asked how. He told me the idea came from another weird source – an electrical contractor Bay Area – based girl.

First, he told me to use the affordable vinegar he gave me last Christmas and make a spray out of it. Pure, sour, face-melting, vinegar in a spray bottle, how cool is that? I got a hold of the spray and pulled that trigger without any regard for life. I watched the molds bubbled to extinction as I was busy enjoying an indiscriminate firing. The smell did not bother me since I love vinegar to death but my wife would hammer the last nail on my coffin if she finds out. That leads to the second way of killing these molds according to my bro’s recommendations.

Next thing, I searched my wife’s tea tree oil extract. I think my wife is spending too much for this type of oil for her vanity. Why not apply it for a more useful job? Same as the vinegar, I put some “ample” amount and mix it water in a spray bottle. I sprayed it over to the molds. No rinsing like the vinegar. I must say I liked the exotic scent.

That took care of everything. No molds subject to genocide.

By the way, when my found out about the missing half-a-bottle extract from her tea tree oil kit, I told her I put some on the bathroom for a more romantic night. She couldn’t agree more.