Mulee-Aage Palace – Home To Royalty

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The Mulee-aage Palace was constructed in 1906 by Sultan Mohamed Shamsuddeen III. In 1936 the palace was declared as official government property after the Mohamed Shamsuddeen III was overthrown. In 1953 the palace earned the status of being named as the official residence of the president of the Maldives. Today this palace is used as a venue for various governmental meetings and official events which are of great importance.

This venue is over 100 years old and is one of the most significant architectural sites in the Maldives which has stood the test of time. The magnificent garden located in front of the building is important to the locals in more ways than one, as it was used to grow various vegetables during World War II when the scarcity of food threatened to drive them to starvation. The massive iron gates that you come across upon entering palace premises are one of the main highlights of this attraction.

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