Mouth Ulcers Causes and Home Remedies for Canker Sore


Mouth ulcers refer to the small white spot on cheek, tongue, or grouped on the inside of the lip. Too recognized as canker sores. In severe luggage the human being is not able to swallow and eat no matter which.

Causes Mouth Ulcers

Most mouth ulcers are caused only by damage to the mouth. Some people tend to have ulcers in the mouth more often than others, especially if there is family history.

Students and people under stress may develop much more frequently. Some women tend to have ulcers in the mouth before their periods or during pregnancy. From time to time may be the sign of a more serious condition.

The exact cause of canker sores is not well known, but most of the observations that reveal a relatively common cause tissue damage from trauma or stress. Some acidic foods can also trigger or aggravate canker sores and psychological conditions like stress and anxiety can also cause mouth ulcers. Sometimes the problem can be attributed to an underlying medical condition or nutritional deficiencies.

Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

• Eat lots of raw onion salad. Onions are sulfur imparts healing properties as regards the treatment of mouth ulcers.

• include cottage cheese, yogurt and buttermilk in your diet for at least a week.

• Use toothpaste containing sodium bicarbonate instead of using standard toothpaste containing fluoride.

• Antacids may decrease the acid in your mouth and reduce pain.

• Avoid eating the flesh of animals for two weeks at least. flesh of animals increases the acidity in the body and can cause more pain and delay the healing process.

• Avoid chewing gum, citrus fruits, and mouthwashes, as they may trigger the formation of ulcers.

• To avoid injury it is important to maintain the appropriate acid, alkaline, and mineral content in the body.

• Boil two to three cups of water and add fenugreek leave it. This is one of the best home remedies for mouth ulcers healing.

• Apply hydrogen peroxide on the wounds.

• Apply a little salt on the wound directly, but can be very painful, but it is one of the most effective home remedies for mouth ulcers.

• Gargle with tomato juice two or three times a day also helps.

• Chew a few basil leaves and enjoy a drink of water.

• Boil coriander seed in irrigate and take away when somewhat warm and gargle three to four times a day.

• Mix banana ripened cow’s milk yogurt and eat it after dinner. This will keep the acid level in your body.

• Completely keep away from fried and highly spiced foods when you have ulcers. Also avoid drinking any caffeinated beverage such as tea, coffee and colas.

• The papaya is a fruit too good to be eaten when you have ulcers.

• Eating more green leafy vegetables and fruits are recommended especially when you have ulcers.