Mountain Homes Nc

Olde mill mountain homes NC are beautiful blue ridge mountain properties located in the southwest of Virginia. These marvelous homes are nestled in the mountains’ magnificent rolling hills and amazing valleys. The vegetation in these areas light up in magnificent colors at every sunset and they provide a feeling of deep relaxation to those living in the area.

One of the most interesting part in living in the Olde Mill mountain homes NC is the lifestyle. Mountain living provides a deep stress relieving and relaxed kind of lifestyle which frequently missing at homes in the cities and suburbs. The feeling of being surrounded by nature gives the resident peace of mind and a tranquil mindset. At these mountains, one cannot help but feel that you are a part of nature itself.

To some people mountain home living means a life of seclusion and that one cannot successfully continue a career while living at a mountain home. Olde mill mountain homes have solved this because of its location. The larger main cities are accessible through a short drive and the towns around Olde Mill have commercial centers and markets that can provide the needs of an active person.

The community is also a proud part of Olde Mill. Their welcoming smiles and hospitable attitude are well known. There are tons of community events and areas in and around old mill that can truly satisfy your need for socialization and community living. There are several art events and cultural presentations around town and sports events, restaurants, and other public amusement areas are aplenty.

Olde mill itself is centered around a beautiful 18hole golf course that was masterfully designed by Ellis Maples, a renowned golf course designer. If you are not into golf there are also other facilities like the tennis courts and the indoor swimming pools.

Getting  a home at olde mill mountain homes NC can be as easy as finding a prebuilt unit that can provide your needs and fit your budget to high end custom houses wherein you can start the building of your dream mountain home. This creates maxium personalization for one of the most important investments of your life. For more information visit to our site at