MOST Beautiful Politicians

MOST Beautiful Politicians

Hold is right there! Before we start this list, we want to clarify- looks and gender should have nothing to do with the competence or legitimacy of an elected politician. It’s just nice to wonder how many double takes these ladies get when walking into a room full of suits and testosterone. You go, lady bosses! Check them out.

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5.Vera Lischka
This Austrian politician is quite popular in the “hottest female politician” realm . Much like Alina Bevatron, Lischka also started out her career as an Olympic athlete. She competed in the swimming category in the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. After her swimming career reached its end, she went to school for journalism. Her already established popularity and whip smart educational skills gave her great qualifications to run for upper Austrian parliament. She has been serving as the Landtag of Oberösterreich for the SPO since 2003.

4. Nicole Minetti

It’s a wonder as to why Silvio Berlusconi is rumored to be with so many women, because Nicole Minetti is now an Instagram sensation. Minetti was a councillor for Mr. Berlusconi’s party, but faced a scandal in 2013 when she was accused of arranging “bunga bunga” parties for the politician.

3.Michela Vittoria Brambilla
Ah ha! Another gorgeous Italian politician. She was first nominated as an undersecretary and then appointed Minister of Culture and Tourism in 2011. She has fervently stood by president of the Forza Italia party, Silvio Berlusconi, all throughout the years. In 2007, she singlehandedly formed “The People of Freedom” in order to “merge the right-wing allies of Berlusconi”. In addition to politics, Brambilla also is a super successful businesswoman. She is an executive manager of the Trafilerie Brambilla a spa, a still manufacturing company. If all that wasn’t impressive enough- she also shares a position as president of companies Sal Group spa and Sotra Coast International with her father. It’s been said that she will be the leader to follow Berlusconi’s footsteps, and based on her resume, that sounds like a pretty swell idea. We almost forgot to mention she is a mother of two. We wonder about the last time she got to sit down and enjoy a glass of red wine. She definitely needs one.

2.Mary Bono Mack
Mary Bono served as a Republican member of the US House of Representatives for California’s 45th district. Although they divorced in 2013, Mary Bono and her former husband- Congressman Connie Mack- were one of only three marriages between two active members of Congress in the history of the United States. If Bono sounds familiar, you might be a fan of pop culture and music. The former Congresswoman was the widow of the late great Sonny Bono, who passed away in 1998. After his passing, she was nominated by special election to fill his vacant seat in April of 1998. While in office, she helped to pass many important bills concerning manufacturing, health, and much more. Her track record on gay rights was surprising for a Republican member- she voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment and she also voted to repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” ban on homosexual members of the military.

2. Queen Rania
Queen Rania of Jordan may just be the most beautiful living queen alive right now (sorry , other Queens!). Prior to meeting her Prince, she received a Business Administration degree from the American University in Cairo and worked for corporations like APple and Citibank. Life changed dramatically for her when she met Abdullah bin AL-Hussein in 1992. It’s hard enough to mix and mingle with other single people at dinner parties, but imagine being courted by the prince of Jordan. The two married in 1993, and they ascended as King and Queen of Jordan in 1990. Queen Rania uses her platform to advocate for important issues like education. She has either founded, or been a lead chair of organizations like the Jordan River Foundation, the Al-Aman Fund For the Future of Orphans, and “1GOAL:Education for All”. These are just a few of her amazing accomplishments in her lifetime. Read up on her and follow her super popular social media accounts. She has over seven million Twitter followers!