More Practical Cures for Ringworm Infection



You must have heard about all kinds of treatments for ringworm infection. With so many cures for ringworms you can be assured that your ringworm infection would be cured by any of those methods. Here are more cures for ringworm infection that you can try.


-Try Shea Butter. This is most effective against ringworm infection on the scalp.

-Try Oregano oil extracts on ringworm.

-Wasabi paste is also effective. Aside from using it on your sushi, apply some on your ringworm and you would be surprised that it is effective.

 -Apply Vicks Vapor Rub over your ringworm.

-Coconut oil is also good to apply on the ringworm.

-Rub turmeric juice over the ringworm.

-Apply mudpack over ringworm and do it twice a day for faster effects.

-Pound some holy sage herbs and apply the extracts to ringworm patches.

-Make a solution of one part bleach and 6 parts water. Dip q-tips into the solution and apply on ringworm.

 -Eat a lot of tomatoes with some pinches of salt and pepper before breakfast.

-Mix a drink of ½ cup of mint leaves and an ounce of amla juice and drink for 5 days

-Mix mango kernel in warm water and mulberry syrup and consume it for a week.

-Make a mixture of turmeric juice and one teaspoon of honey and drink it. You can also apply some on the ringworm.

 To avoid itchiness on the body, wear loose fitting clothes for comfort. Try to stay dry and cool. Avoid wearing tight underwear, pants, and stockings. Avoid synthetic underwear because this can cause further itchiness.  Wear soft cotton clothing.

 Watch your diet. Better eat more raw or steamed vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts and whole grain cereals. Avoid sweets, starch, canned goods, bottled foods and white flour goods.

Continue to practice prevention methods. Stay away from people who have the infection. Always observe cleanliness and proper hygiene. Clean personal things, don’t borrow nor lend your things.