Modern Cookers For Your Modern Kitchen

A lot of homeowners choose to have interestingly designed kitchens, gutting and rebuilding kitchens has been a big trend in recent years as more people take pride in their kitchens. As well as getting design flourishes and attractive materials for worktops and kitchen tiles there are many changes you can make that improve the functionality of your kitchen, such as getting a new cooker.

Cookers used to be ugly appliances that didn’t suit the rest of the kitchen and took up lots of room with the oven at the bottom, the gas burners on top and a grill at eye level. Luckily in recent years cookers have now become stylish as well as functional with built in ovens fitting in to our cupboards and the hob or gas burners being built into the work surfaces. There are even hobs now that use magnetic technology to only heat up pans that have been placed on them and do not suffer from lingering hotness that some electrical hobs can have.

Most modern ovens are now fan assisted and incorporate the grilling element too to save space. The fan in modern ovens helps spread the warm air around the whole of the oven space. In the past you used to have to plan where about in the oven you needed to place your food or strategically move individual trays around the oven mid cooking. Now though these fan assisted ovens can help speed up cooking as well as allow you to cook more food at once.

The added benefit of fan ovens and fan assisted ovens is that they will typically not take as long to cook food as for most food items they cook instantly without the need for preheating the oven. Because they get up to heat quicker and are more efficient you typically don’t need to set the oven to such a high temperature and can be as much as 20° lower to get the same effect and times as stated on the food packaging.

Some of these multi function ovens can mean you may only use the oven or the grilling section at any one time, so you may often find that some kitchens get two of these ovens next to each other either referred to as a double-wide or twin oven. These are perfect for big Sunday roasts or Christmas as you essentially have double the cooking capacity (plus one oven will typically be taken up by the turkey anyway).

Check the online retailers for built in ovens and a wide range of gas and electric cookers too.