Modern And Contemporary “?” Then And Now

Furniture as a product of artistic design is considered an art form. Furniture designs evolve from one look to another as new designers find inspiration from works by others. To make it better, to make it different, to make it more relaxing or to make it more ergonomic are things that spark their genius of creation.

Much easier today than older ways of sketching and modeling to realize a prototype, the use of computers help designers through modeling software which displays a very clear vision of the design prior to prototyping. What used to be a gift to be able to envision your design in its full structure and color is now just good to have but no longer necessary. It is now as easy as a click of a mouse to see a 3D design rendered.

Furniture today can be made from many materials including metal, wood, plastics, fabrics and leathers. The latests in technology such as CNC and Plastic Injection Molding provide us with infinite possibilities with respect to
Contemporary Italian Furniture and manufacturing. CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) are lathing or spin-cutting machines that are programmed and controlled by computer. It is used for cutting solid materials such as steel stock and plastics into almost any shape whereas Plastic Injection Molding is the process of building shaping molds, injecting molten plastic, spinning and applying pressure into the mold to form a part or even a whole piece of furniture. The industrial or furniture designer today is now geared with high technology manufacturing options and in no way to be limited by just their imagination with the use of modeling software, thus the designer is able to produce superior quality furniture.

Henceforth, we have Contemporary Furniture as the unique outgrowth from post-modern furniture design. Contemporary furniture design utilizes natural shapes, patterns and textures. is the premier importer and exporter of Luxury European and Italian Modern and Contemporary furniture. Visit to learn more about their offerings and their high quality service value.