Mixing in Indian Breakfast Recipes for the Family

Mixing in Indian Breakfast Recipes for the Family

Have the most important meal of the day with Indian breakfast recipes. These recipes are appropriate for ages and can cater to the varied tastes of a lot of people. They are also very healthy as well, they use a lot of spices and herbs to make it in to one flavorful dish.

The Idli is prepared with rice and black lentils baked together to make a delicious cake. These puffed cakes are then served with other spices and of course, chutney. You can pair it with chapatti, unleavened bread that is made of wheat. Its dough is flattened and cooked on a hot pan also known as a tava. This food is served commonly with chutney, spices and soups.

Make nutritious soup for your family with sambhar. This soup is rich in a lot of vegetables and spices. The spices used here are mustard seeds, coriander, fenugreek and turmeric while the vegetables used are carrots, okra, potatoes, squash and tomatoes. The base is made of the broth of pigeon peas.

The puttu is a chewy dish with an interesting flavor. This Indian delicacy is made up of rice paste. It is made by molding the rice which is made out of a certain consistency. This confection is then steamed in to a container known as the puttu kutti. You can pair it with the stuffed parathas which ismade out of potatoes, carrots, moong and paneer.

If your family loves breakfast crepes then you can makes a tosai which is India’s version of a crepe. The batter is made out of rice and lentils grounded together and mixed with water. It is cooked over a hot pan and can be served with curry, chicken, chutney and vegetables.

You can give yourself a treat on Indian dishes by researching on Indian breakfast recipes. They are affordable and very simple to make but very delicious as well

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