Microwave Ovens


In the modern days, microwave oven has become the most indispensable appliance in the kitchen. It is device by which the food is cooked using microwave radiations. Compared to the other types of cooking appliance, cooking in microwave is quicker and they do not change the colour of the top layer, which in other type of cooking turns brown. This microwave technology is discovered during 1940 and now there are many modernization and up gradation in it. There are many colours, finish and designs offered by many companies, which also has guarantee and warranty.

The microwaves differ in sizes and the type of construction. The compact microwave is the smallest and they are portable. This can be placed anywhere as the interest of the user and even on table top. They are also small in dimension and less in power. The cavity space of these will be around 2-liter capacity with dimension of 14 inches x 18 inches. The power is less like 500 Watts to 1000 Watts. It cannot cook everything and can mainly be used for reheating.

Medium size microwaves are little bigger and has the dimension of less than 20 inches x 20 inches. They can cook better food and the casseroles can be placed easily into it. The power also is high like 1500 Watts. Large size ones are for the large cooking dishes and have high power that is more than 2000Watts. It had more depth, so big casseroles can also be placed inside the cavity. The height is also more than the other types.

In the modern microwaves there are many features like the auto cook, pre cooking, defrost, timer, the memory cook and other cooking programs for the special cooking like the pizza. There are model with the grill function and without it. In the grill function, the top heat or the bottom heat can be selected.

There are many advantages of using the microwave like the nutrients present in the food is maintained at higher level and hence it is healthy. Most of the time the cookware is cooler than the food. Therefore, the fear of unloading is not there. It is also safe to use microwave if it is properly used and maintained. In the auto cook programs the function stops when the food is cooked and this is an easy function as the food can be enjoyed without over cooking or under cooking.