Michael Jackson News Coverage Over the Top – Quelling Our Fourth of July History!

There is no doubt that Michael Jackson was one of the greatest entertainers in US history, perhaps even the world. Before he died he was going on a 50 country tour, and many countries felt slighted because he was not going to stop by. That was how popular Michael Jackson was. The cities adjacent to Never Land Ranch hope to capitalize on the tourism from his loyal fans for the next 50 years. After all, people are still going to Graceland in droves 50 years after the death of Elvis Presley.

Still, having the news coverage about Michael Jackson on every single station for over a week and overshadowing our nation’s birthday; The Fourth Of July is a bit unnerving. It is quite obvious, that his family and close friends do not want the media coverage, and yet, the news media understands that the people want to talk about it and want to learn all about his death. So we are seeing 24-hours a day, wall-to-wall coverage, and yet they are not telling us anything we don’t know.

Meanwhile, it appears that our Fourth of July is not getting the coverage it deserves. Why can’t America have both; why can’t we celebrate someone’s life and also celebrate our nation’s history? There are other things going on in the world, this is not the only event, and Michael Jackson was not the only person on the planet who has done great and wonderful things.

It’s amazing that our society and the populations around the world have rendered their minds so shallow, that they care more about celebrities, and gossip than they do about the founding of this great nation. You see, if it wasn’t for our nation coming into existence offering us all the freedoms that we have; Michael Jackson could never become a celebrity and given all he gave to all of us.

We do a disservice to his legacy and ourselves by allowing his death to overshadow the combined greatness of both our nation and this great entertainer. Please consider all this.