Metal Thermal Transfer Print Technology Xiang Jie

{flickr|100|campaign} Arts and crafts by people in the fashion increasingly popular today, all for the production of handicraft Transfer Technology also will be developed by, and attracted many entrepreneurs and fashion beauty family use. Which is currently best known than transfer printing technology Water Transfer Printing And Heat Transfer The two had what is thermal transfer technology? What are its features and uses? The transfer operation and demand situation? We continue to explore below.

I. Introduction thermal transfer technology Transfer refers to the intermediate vector graphic film on the pressure with the corresponding transfer to the substrates on a printing method using the pressure under different transfer can be divided into water transfer printing, heat transfer, gas transfer printing, silk screen transfer, low transfer and so on. Among them, the heat transfer is the portrait, landscape and other arbitrary images using thermal transfer printing Ink (Ie, sublimation ink) to print in color inkjet paper (or dye-sublimation paper, special ink-jet printing), or ordinary film thermal transfer ink printed on paper and then through the heat transfer within a few minutes heating heating equipment to certain temperature, the paper pattern to transfer color lifelike porcelain, glass, metal, plastic, cotton fabrics such material on a special printing process.

Thus, using thermal transfer technology, even multi-colored patterns, as heat transfer operation is a process, so customers can reduce the printing patterns, reduce errors as a result of the printing material (finished) loss. In other words, using thermal transfer printing film can be a multi-color logo into a map, without chromatic, even if only some simple equipment can also be printed realistic images, this way, it greatly increased its scope of application and realization of transfer of to operate.

Second, production tools and processes to achieve

Using thermal transfer technology can be widely applied to porcelain, glass, metal, plastic, cotton material and other material objects, but because of heat transfer by heated area, object shape constraints, so for different sizes, shapes Objects often need to use a particular authoring tool, which now common authoring tools are mainly flat heat transfer machine ( Transfer Machine), baking machines, baking cups machine and so on, but after all, their production methods are based on thermal transfer principles, so the production steps and processes are similar, only the application of heat transfer tools are different. Below to transfer images to use flat-panel machine clothing to illustrate heat transfer production steps and processes.

First step: an image through color ink-jet printer to print out.

Second step: print out the design first on one side, about 15 to 20 minutes after transfer. Transfer time, in the printed image on the clothes above, the pattern should be face down, and then transfer the demanded heat transfer equipment, a good time (typically 20 seconds), close the device heating plate ( Note: Before cotton T shirt in the transfer printing positions should first be sprayed in a bit deep dyeing, and then carried out to dry heat transfer, its role is to change the ink color by heat stress, improve ink in bright clothing on the effect of ).

Third step: in order to avoid yellowing of clothes because the temperature is too high, can be a piece of clothing on a pad interlining further heat transfer. Time in the heat transfer equipment, alarm, brought heated films, quickly opened a design on paper, remove the clothing, turn off the device.

Step four: Finally when the temperature cools clothes, fold the bag to complete the entire thermal transfer production to produce a finished product.

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