Mens Accessories

.tags Although the vast majority of marketing budgets and focus in the fashion and shopping worlds are dedicated to women, there is a growing trend towards men being viewed as more than just functional shoppers. With the emergence and of fashion sites and blogs recommending the latest trends and the launch of Net-a-Porters dedicated mens site, Mr Porter, there is now a plethora of choice for the modern day dandy. The increasing amount of shops supplying accessories for men typifies the trend as accessories are an added extra to an outfit that separates the fashionable shopper from the functional.

Now lets have a quick overview of mens fashion accessories:


During the winter scarves are a must wear even for the most ardent functional shoppers out there. However, for those wishing to add a bit of style to this staple mens accessory, it is worth considering different patterns such as checks and stripes and a large size so you have more material to play with for styling. Also the material must consist of natural fibres such as cashmere and silk, which will add a sheer quality to the scarf and stand the test of time.

Mens evening scarves are a very popular all year round accessory as they can be worn at Christmas parties in the winter and weddings in the summer. My tip for evening scarves is to keep the colour simple, either black or white. Or if youre feeling bold a red would be sure to catch the eye. And the fabric light weight such as hand woven silk or superfine cashmere.


Cashmere lined leather gloves are a fantastic winter accessory. However, for a more elegant look, silk lined leather gloves give the fingers a more slender look and might be more suitable for autumn and spring.

One glove type which is suitable for the summer as well as winter is the driving glove. The classic driving glove is the black leather with the arc built in by the buckle. Other driving gloves include the crochet style made from deerskin, which have made a revival over the past few years and the chamois leather variety.


Without doubt, hats the most versatile of mens accessories. With the styles including; the flat cap, the bowler hat, the top hat, the beanie hat, the baseball cap, the Stetson to name just a few there is a hat to suit any outfit and occasion.

So there we have just a brief look at some of the more popular accessories for men.