Menopause – Natural and Herbal Menopause Remedies


Menopause can be known as the phase where a woman ceases to have the ability to reproduce. Despite of this description, there is more to menopausal stage than meets the eye. Menopause isn’t only about the reproductive system however also about the cessation of the body’s natural hormones production.

There are many natural menopause remedies and the symptoms of menopause which accompany this condition. These natural remedies are usually found in the form of herbs and other botanical extracts and derivatives that work to relief the unpleasant of the menopause symptoms as well as ease the transition to menopausal.

Black Cohosh Extracts

This natural and herbal menopause remedy actually works to effectively regulate the body’s function with regards to menopause symptoms like hot flashes. This symptom is among the most unpleasant and one that generates other symptoms of menopause as well. Headaches and other body aches can be indirectly caused by the occurrence of hot flashes during menopausal stage. These natural menopause remedies work to manage the occurrence of hot flashes with the use of the herbs estrogenic components.

The extended use of Black Cohosh for more than the recommended 6 months may actually danger the menopausal woman. Strict adherence to the recommended length of time to consume the Black Cohosh extract is essential to the woman’s health and safety. Bleeding and cancer is among the many harmful side effects of using Black Cohosh extracts for too long. Therefore this natural menopause remedy needs to be managed and advised by doctor.

Vitamin C And Bioflavonoids

These natural menopause remedies are actually present in many of our vegetables and fruits. Both ingredients can actively reduce the unpleasant and occurrence of hot flashes during menopause. Bioflavonoids are generally found in fruits which are rich in Vitamin C. These natural remedies of menopause can affect the sharp decline of hormone production on a woman’s body to an extent that the cessation isn’t sudden.

Vitamin And Minerals Supplementation

The use of vitamins and mineral supplements to relief menopause symptoms is another natural menopause remedy. Vitamins A, C and E are among the natural menopause remedies which can take in large doses. Women who opt for vitamin and mineral supplements as natural menopause remedies need to seek for a doctor’s advice to see just how large a dose is safe for them as some vitamins and minerals may be dangerous if taken in large doses.