Menopause Causes and Effect and Natural Home Remedy Treatment for Menopausal Problem


Right from her period of adolescence, a woman undergoes a number of changes, both physically and mentally. One of the natural transitions experienced by every woman, who has attained the menstrual cycle, is menopause. Menopause is defined as the culmination of woman’s monthly menstrual periods and ovulation. The natural transition brings in a number of changes in the hormonal composition of the women, as well as triggers symptoms related to the physical change. Her body starts producing lesser amounts of the hormones – estrogen and progesterone (among others). Go through the following lines to know what menopause is, according to Ayurveda.

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Pre Menopause Symptoms

There are a number of symptoms associated with early menopause such as wild and unexplainable mood swings, hot flushes, heavy bleeding and night sweats and irregular bleeding. Hormone Replacement Therapy ( HRT ) is what most women will receive depending on each individual. Herbal remedy for menopause is highly recommended especially for women who don’t go down the HRT path. Used in conjunction with HRT, herbal remedy for menopause is a helpful way of combatting the menopause symptoms.

It’s been suggested that a lot of women aren’t prepared for menopause for one reason or another; maybe because they don’t want to recognise the fact that the aging process is what it is. However, perhaps adopting an attitude of being prepared with the right information can help deal with menopause mentally.


Each type of menopause has different symptoms. For instance, the Vata-type menopausal symptoms include depression, anxiety and insomnia. On the other hand, women with Pitta-type symptoms are often angry and suffer hot flashes. Kapha type menopause symptoms include listlessness, weight gain and feelings of mental and physical heaviness. The type of treatment depends upon the dosha in which the woman’s menopausal symptoms are manifesting. This suggests that each type of menopause needs different treatments to be administered. However, there still exist some common symptoms of menopause, which are experienced by women.

Home Remedies for Menopausal disorders

Since during menopause, a woman does not have enough ovarian hormones in her, it could result to her being calcium deficient. So it important that a women undergoing menopause consumes significant amounts of calcium. It would also help to take in Vitamin D in support of calcium. Milk is one source of calcium.

Beet juice proves to a beneficial home remedies for menopausal problems. It must be consumed in 60 ml to 90 ml quantity, three times a day. Compared to the effects posed by drugs, beet juice could gain more credit in providing beneficial effects.

For menopausal tension, carrot seeds could just be the solution. This is the best menopausal problems cure. They prove to very important in curing the problem. A one-tease spoon of seeds ought to be boiled using a cow’s milk, a glass of it, for ten minutes and consumed everyday as medicine in the cure of this condition. The use of Liquorice could make for the lost estrogens in the body. Liquorice has female hormones called estrogen. The powder made from liquorice should be consumed at one teaspoon everyday.

Indian spikenard is herb that is a very menopausal problems home remedies. Two gm of the herb should be taken everyday. It could relax and person and could even promote calmness over the person.