Menopausal Weight Gain


Menopausal Weight Gain is a big problem I am experiencing these days and along with the typical menopausal symptoms the weight gain and body changes are the hardest for me. Many women complain about weight gain in the premenopausal years as well as during and after menopause. Many women, me included, have heard this is typical but if you are anything like me, the symptoms of menopause especially with weight gain is NOT something I am going to live with! While once I used to be lean, athletic and active, now, like 90% of women between the ages of 35 and 50 gains anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds!

Besides the weight gain during menopause, our bodies change drastically. I ask myself daily, “whose body is that in the mirror?”  I am convinced that is not me and so as I put on my jeans and try to find a shirt that is not hiked up above my belly, I adjust to finding clothing that covers my pear shaped menopausal fatty shape.  Even though I spend a lot of my days, avoiding carbohydrates, I work out at least 3 times a week, and yet still, the fat has deposited itself in places that remind me of my elderly mother!

Most fat during menopause has been shifted to accumulate around my belly, abdomen and upper body. It may be different for some people, but for me, it seems to be everywhere.

In spite of the ghastly shape my 53 year old body has developed, I worry about developing heart disease and diabetes among other things.

My hormones seem to have taken the form of an alien, a separate entity that has changed my appetite, metabolism and fat distribution.  Where is the athletic cheerleader and vivacious girl of my youth I once recognized? She is nowhere to be found. As sad as this makes me, this is the very thing that has motivated me to do research to find the right combination of healthy weight loss and menopause. This is why I had to fight against this to all extremes. I was not going to let my estrogen levels, testosterones and androgen levels beat me at this game! I was not willing to accept this change! I called for an all out attack on the battle of the bulge!

Was this possible? I was not sure but I had to try. Besides having a hysterectomy last year, I just recently got off of my Hormone Replacement Therapy, and insomnia and night sweets crept in.

I will say however, I have watched my diet avoiding alcohol (to the extreme), and going to bed later has helped with insomnia. But I had to find a health cure for my fat, slow metabolism and weight gain.

Upon much research, I found a few resources that claim to help, even the 53 year old menopausal pear shaped women like me!  Even though I haven’t lost the 30 pounds I need to lose (YET) I am on my way and like any battle there are sacrifices.  I now have to work at exercise when once it was a common experience. I have to re-think the ice cream Sunday. But most importantly, I had to think outside the box, realize that this is a realistic reachable goal and I was willing to do what it takes to lose the fat and get fit. In the long run, I will look better and feel better and be healthier!