Meet Your Strawman Magistrate Court Kanawha County West Virginia Freedom

Meet Your Strawman Magistrate Court Kanawha County West Virginia Freedom

Meet Your Strawman!

Video of Ted’s 15 minutes in court here:

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Jack from Fresno Calif. gives me these sage comments:


Thank you for sharing and showing the video.

Having your own court recorder present is an excellent idea.

What a small so-called court room. The mediocre restroom in My house almost looks bigger.

I am glad to see you hold your ground and demand his oath of office and any other credentials to identify who he is or the position he is filling.

Stating that you cannot recognize his authority and position unless you have the oath of office and other credentials is good.

So far, in My opinion, he is just an “acting” judge. Putting on an act.

Not giving your names is a good thing. Whenever one gives something to someone else, it is theirs to do as they please. The power provided by a name would then be theirs to do as they want.

He tries to be stern but that does not work on you or your witnesses. He almost appears to be helpless in the end.

Since he cannot progress, he may have someone else play the judge. They keep switching the so-called judges until they get one that appears to be effective. That is what they do here.

Whenever a middle initial is used in a name or they mention a “first name” or “last name” it refers to the fiction and not the real man. They did mention the middle initial several times.

They were asking you to sit in the defendant’s chair so as to become surety for the fiction or Strawman. You did not. Very good!

They needed a plea from you but did not provide one. A plea to Me is an agreement to contract with the so-called court or so-called judge and to move to the next step in the process. The contract is a “guilty” plea or “not guilty” plea. It was also good that you did not accept the plea he made.

The words “Innocent” or “the accused” were never mentioned. Those terms are reserved for the real man in a real court.

The term they like to use is “defendant” A defendant has to defend his position; otherwise remains guilty.

They threatened you by having the policeman approach you. Even though you were ordered to “put your hands behind your back,” you did not surrender yourself as they wanted you to do. Asking for a warrant was the ideal thing to say which stopped them in their tracks. Excellent!

You had a witness state that the TED they were looking for was in the court room so that they cannot claim a default and or dishonor. The TED they were looking for was the TED E. ELDEN created by the Birth Certificate you had available in the court room. That certificate was indeed in the courtroom. I saw the certificate flash by in the video.

Very well done.

I respect people like yourself who have the guts to stand up for what one knows and believes.

Jack from

Meet Your Strawman! Watch this for better explanation:

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