Medieval Swords Medieval Swords

Swords have a history back to the beginning of the human beings. At first these were used for the safety and fighting purposes but after sometimes these swords were also used as a sign of pride and honor. There are many kinds of medeival swords and each works for different purpose. Medeival era is the most violent. People of that era experinced wars commonly. Warriors fought to death and many different types of swords and weapons were used at that time. Swords ranged from the smallest broadsword measuring from 30 cm to the great sword measured up to 72 cm. these weapons were also used for decorating homes and used in outfits in royal families.Weaponry was the staple of medieval times. Medeival swords come in many shapes, sizes and lengths. These can be used in the homes for decorative purposes. These swords can be hanged on the walls and circular pattern can also be made by these swords. They make great displays if put on special racks. From medeival swords to the seige weapons this era is on of the most outstanding era for the collectors. Some of the most popular siege weapons of medieval age were the ballistas, mangonels, battering rams and trebuchets. The other weapons used in medieval age includes shields, armor, implement swords. Medeival swords were predominantle used by the medeival knights. The gothic daggers were also used by the medeival knights. These swords were the primary weapon of knigths. At the beginning of middle ages a double edged slashing sword was used but as time went by it was changed into diamond shaped stronger sword. Different types of medeival swords were the broadsword, the falchion sword, the greatsword, the longsword, the scimitar and the cutting sword. There are many types of medeival sword that form the medeival swords history and that time period memorable.