Medieval Banquets For Your Hen Weekend

If you really fancy something different on your hen weekend, why not get back to the dark ages with a fabulous medieval banquet for you and your friends?! This is an entertaining hen weekend evening activity that you and your friends will find unforgettable. As you fill your face with sumptuous foods, and throw back goblets of fine drinks you won’t want to come back to the present day!

What is A Medieval Banquet?

In medieval times, banquets were often thrown to celebrate the passing of an occasion or perhaps a charitable event. They would be held at a notable location such as a castle and there would be plenty of food and drink as well as entertainment for the guests to enjoy. Medieval banquets were all about indulgence and eating until you could eat no more. In those days manual labour meant that there were very hungry appetites so meals were few in frequency but large in size! Great meat, stews and bread would be consumed at banquets with copious amounts of drink to wash it all down with!

Why a Medieval Banquet on your Hen Weekend?

Medieval banquets are a popular way of having a hen weekend with your friends. They’re fun, entertaining and above all delicious. You and your friends will be able to get into the party atmosphere by dressing up which means you will have plenty to laugh about. If you have friends on your hen weekend who don’t really know each other, then this is a great ice breaker. It lets people lower their guards, relax and get to know each other in a fun-filled environment. Medieval banquets were all about celebrating and having an evening of great food and entertainment and today you can sometimes expect to be dancing into the night after you’ve eaten!

What Can You Expect?

There is growing demand for medieval banquets on special occasions such as a hen weekend. It’s an unforgettable experience that you will be able to laugh about with your friends for years to come. Some venues encourage you to dress up so get on your best buxom wench-like frocks and get into character! Once you arrive you’ll be seated in a banqueting hall which is where all the fun takes place. The evening might be hosted by a king or other noble character who will take you through the evening’s events. You will be served food and drink at your table or bench and may experience several course of fabulous food which usually includes a range of breads, meat, fish, and vegetables to give you plenty of sustenance for the evening. Most places will also cater for vegetarian diets as well so everyone can enjoy the evening! Throughout the night you will be entertained perhaps by the court jesters or other show men and women. All you have to do is sit, eat, drink and be merry!

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