MBA in Calcutta ? Basic Things to Remember

When you think of pursuing management studies, you can easily realize that Kolkata (previously known as ‘Calcutta’) has been rather accomplished in providing quality business management education to careerist individuals throughout the Indian subcontinent. Of late, it has been noticed that plenty of Bangladeshi and Nepali students are coming down to Kolkata for studying MBA. And the way things are going, percentage of foreign students in Kolkata business schools is sure to increase in another 2-3 years.

MBA in Calcutta has gained a new impetus to popularize itself as the country’s HRD ministry has started adopting different policies to accelerate the spread of higher education in India. Kolkata has always been well-known for its rich human capital, and with global economic stimulation several multi national corporations have started establishing business interests in the “City of Joy”. Recent surveys have proved that more graduates from Kolkata B-Schools have bagged lucrative job offers as compared to their domestic and international counterparts.

Can MBA in Kolkata change your life forever?

If you dare to think beyond engineering and medical, you must come down to Kolkata and get yourself admitted in a reputed B-School. However, finding a good management institute in Calcutta is never going to be an uphill task as most of these institutes are amongst the best MBA colleges in India. Here are some benefits of studying business management in Kolkata:

Most of the management institutes in Kolkata are affiliated under a UGC recognized University for both Under-graduate and Post-graduate courses. Thus, you do not need to worry about the validation of your management degree certificate.
Beside management courses, MBA colleges in Kolkata also offer systematic courses in media studies. Pursuing a course in Mass communication or journalism ensures that you find employment in advertising or public relations.
The pedagogy followed by these institutes is uniquely designed to provide an ideal learning environment together with adequate industry exposure. This always ensures an all-round development of young enterprising management professionals.