Manager Jobs – 7 Steps To Becoming A General Manager

Who is a general manager? A manager job is to direct his subordinates and coordinates their work to perform a major function of a company. For medium sized companies, the company is usually segmented into a number of divisions. For example a company might have sale, production, advertising etc departments segregated. In such cases there is usually a general manager heading each of these divisions. In smaller companies the general manager is responsible for the running of the entire unit.

But if you are here then you possibly know these facts by now. The question that needs to be answered is how do you get to be a general manager? The answer may include the usual methods, graduating from a Business school for example. A slow climb up the corporate ladder is another approach.

However here we provide you with 7 unique steps on securing a general manager job.

Understand the Core Competency.

Every organization has a core competency. It is importance that you understand this core competency of the function you are serving. This does not mean that just knowing the core competency is sufficient. It means you have to be a master of the core competency and know everything else as well.

Learn to Adapt.

Being a manager means you have to be in touch with practically everything. From sales to people, you must know everything that is going on in your company. So it is a good idea for a manger job to adapt to everything that you come in contact with quickly for a better understanding of the situation and consequently, better decision-making.


Dreaming big is easy. Living up to them? Not quite so. And because the success lies in making that dream become real, and because you need support to make that dream come real you need to inspire your people. Eloquent, inspiring speeches, simplifying objects and making your people believe in that goal will help you go a long way.

Stress on Details.

Think and think again about every strategy. Think in the minutest details, of every pro and con that a strategy might result in. This will help in making the best decisions and your extent of study will win peoples confidences in you as a general manager.

Express your Values.

Let people know what you stand for. Make your ideas very clear. More importantly, make sure that your ideas are worth standing for. Win the support of everybody around you by letting them know that you have the same priorities that they do. Let them know that you are one of them. This will help minimize ego issues and promote better understanding between you and your colleagues.


Remember that you are never unquestionable. People are sure to support you more if they know you are right rather than have you telling that that you are right without giving them reason to believe you. Let everybody in on a discussion. Tell everybody what you are doing and why. Justify your general manager job.

Be Flexible.

Be open to newness. Show that you are open to change as long as it is a change for the betterment of your work as a team.

Follow these steps and there are few who will have any reason to not accept you as their General Manager and a respectable one at that.