Luohe Oled Display Technology To Create Electronic Industry Base


Recently invested 650 million yuan with the LCD flat-panel TV production projects under construction, investment in more than 500 million yuan of annual output of 7 million units OLED display project contract, Luohe City is trying to build a high-tech electronics industry in our province manufacturing base.

11 2, Diamond Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. The total investment 650 million yuan of LCD flat-panel TV production project officially settled in Luohe Linying concentration area of construction. The project covers an area of 300 mu, total investment of 650 million yuan. The investment for the 360 million yuan, mainly used for building, research and development centers and other infrastructure facilities and infra-red detectors and other six advanced production lines and construction of a 12-month period, a post-production will reach 500 million annual sales yuan. Project Phase II for the expansion of scale and new product development, will achieve the diversification of LCD TV products, the investment is completed up to one billion yuan in sales, products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States, with exports up 900 million yuan. Luohe then will become the leading LCD TV production base.

Same morning, by the Hong Kong model Richies Group Construction, total investment of more than 500 million yuan, annual output of 7 million units OLED display hi-tech projects signed in Luohe Shaoling area.

According to reports, the project is located in Dongcheng Luohe gathering area, an area of 150 mu, total investment of 5.3448 billion yuan, construction area of 67,177 square meters. At present, only four companies produce OLED displays. Luohe of OLED display project is completed, OLED displays can produce 7 million units, will fill the gaps in Henan Province high-tech display industry.

These two high-tech electronic completion of the project on building high-tech industries Luohe chain, optimize the industrial structure has a very important role, will contribute to our province Luohe important manufacturing base for high-tech electronics industry.


The organic light-emitting diodes, also known as laser electroluminescent display. It has a self-luminous, wide viewing angle, high contrast, low power consumption, high response rate, full-color, process and simple. After the year 2000, OLED display technology into people’s eyes, as compared with liquid crystal display, this new display technology is thinner and lighter, take the initiative to light (that does not require backlight), wide viewing angle, high resolution, fast response low energy consumption, low temperature and seismic performance, design flexibility and environmental protection required by display device manufacturing features almost all excellent. In 2005, the United States OLED technology and personal computers, the Internet, mobile phones, wireless networks, one of 25 innovative technologies, as 25 years to change people’s lives the most influential technology.

Has potential applications, for example, in the lighting field, it can made into any shape of soft light source, can become light-emitting device of any household goods, and even by ink-jet printing, screen printing and other methods of preparation of large area light. In the industrial areas of instrumentation and digital display, it can produce various kinds of soft screen, such as MP3, MP4, voice recorder, mobile phones, digital cameras display.