Lower Back Pain Relief Treatment and Herbal Remedies


Pain in the lower back or low back is a common problem which affects maximum people at some point in their life time. It is not related with a specific disease but it is a symptom which occurs from a variety of different processes. In many cases of lower back pain, despite of thorough medical examination experts are unable to find out the specific cause of the pain.

Back pain is not a disease itself, it is a symptom. Some common causes of back pain involve injury or disease to the muscles, bones or nerves of the spine. Sometimes pain arising from abnormalities of organs like pelvis, chest, abdomen etc may also be felt in the back. Usually back pain can also be caused due to normal pregnancy. Due to this problem the back pain is caused in many ways like irritating nerves, straining the low back, and stretching ligaments within the pelvis.

The primary symptom of low back pain is the pain in the lumbosacral area which is the lower part of the back. The pain may be confined to the low back but sometimes it may radiate down the front, side or back of your leg. With the increase in the activity the pain may sometimes changes into worse condition. Sometimes due to prolonged sitting like, as on a long car trip or at night the pain may be worse.

Initially for lower back pain, usually the people take self-care at home only. It is recommended to resume normal or at least near normal activity as soon as possible. But activities which place additional strain on the back or stretching are discouraged. Your comfort may be increased, if you sleep with a pillow between the knees while lying on one side. There is no specific back exercise, which may reduce the pain in the lower back or increase the functional ability in people with acute backache. But the people suffering from chronic back pain may go for exercise as it will help them to return in their normal activities and work. Nonprescription medications may also provide relief from pain.

With the advice of doctor you can go for Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen etc. In some cases these medicines are very effective. Topical agents like deep-heating rubs are not very effective. Rumatone Gold oil is one of the best herbal massage oil to treat lower backache. It is herbal and 100% natural with no side effects. In some people use of ice or heat has shown an effective result. But you must take care. Don’t use heating pad on “high” or place ice directly on the skin.

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