Love Poem Activities

So what can you write love poems on anyway? Well, we will discuss the different types of love in later sections but there are also some activities you can use to help you write love poems, even if they are just for practice.

Use your loved one’s name. Write the person’s name vertically on a piece of paper. Use each letter to create a line of a poem.


To love you
Is the greatest gift
More than gold or jewels
Or riches or fame,
Treasures or any worldly possessions
Holding you completes me
You are my darling everything

· 13 Ways Poem. Write a poem listing 13 ways or things that you love about the person.

· The Word Game. Pick one word at random, or have someone pick one for you. Then write a love poem by using this word. This will make you creative.

· Picture Poem. Get a picture from a post card, magazine, etc and then write a love poem based on the picture. A picture of the beach might remind you of being there with your loved one. Blue sky may inspire you to write about her eyes, etc.

· Use a picture from a magazine, a post card or a family photo album, etc to help inspire you to write a poem. If you have a picture of the person you are writing the love poem for, this might be very helpful.

· ABC Poem. Just like the name poem, you write the alphabet, or part of it vertically and then make a poem for your loved one from it.

· Descriptive poem. Write a poem that describes the special person; her hair, eyes, lips, skin, etc. This is a great way to give an image of the person and to practice imagery in your writing.

· Word list. Make a list of words, just random words and then sit down and write a poem based around these words.