London Swing Orchestra

Bring Your Event To Life With A London Swing Orchestra

Event organising, whether its for a wedding or a corporate event, means finding the right entertainment for the evening. A London swing orchestra offers fun and entertainment for any occasion or event. The likes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin made the swing genre their own, and this style continues today in the shape of various swing bands, entertainers, and even swing orchestras.

Swing Jazz History

Swing jazz was first embraced by the masses in 1935 although it was still met with some resistance because of its fast and often unorthodox beat and equally fast dancing. However, in the mid 1930s swing bands really took off and swing remained the most popular style of music until the 2nd world war meant that band members were often away on duty and it became very difficult indeed to make up full bands.


Crooners like Frank Sinatra were born from the swing period and were essentially the front for the big band sound. When we think of swing music, to this day, we think of the likes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin and the Rat Pack. Three to five piece bands were also becoming more popular around this time because they were more convenient and less expensive to manage.

Sub Genres

Swing also transgressed into a number of other genres creating unique and often highly appealing sub genres of music. It has always remained on the edge of popularity and enjoyed a revival during the 1990s which is still continuing today with big bands like the London Swing

London Swing Orchestras

A London Swing Orchestra can help make any personal or corporate event literally go with a swing. They can combine early swing music with music of the crooners including Sinatra and Martin. If youre looking for a way to entertain guests, or you want a night full of swing entertainment then a swing orchestra is ideal.

A London swing orchestra can add a touch of class to any event, and make it memorable for all the right reasons. Extensive repertoires, a style of music that crosses virtually every age group and demographic, and style that you dont get from the average DJ or band is what makes swing such a popular style.