Lisa Kudrow in epic speech on sexism in politics (From “Scandal” TV Show)

Lisa Kudrow in epic speech on sexism in politics (From “Scandal” TV Show)

Last night on “Scandal,” Lisa Kudrow — playing a Congresswoman running for President — had a seething monologue about the sexist, gendered, angled way women in politics are covered by the media.

Season 3
Episode 6

“Icarus” is the sixth episode of the third season of Scandal. It premièred on November 7, 2013 in the U.S.

Icarus earned positive reviews with many singling out Lisa Kudrow’s performance in particular. Sonia Saraiya at The A.V. Club praised the episode noting that “Scandal is at its best when it’s firing on all cylinders, and there seem to be about 18 cylinders at present, at least.” Cicely K. Dyson writing for The Wall Street Journal noted that “Josie’s not here for your sexist rhetoric, and I can’t wait to see more.” Jake Flanagin at The Atlantic was prompted by the episode to write an op-ed entitled “Lisa Kudrow Is Saving Scandal From Itself” where he praised both the actress and the writing on the show stating that “this upstart candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination embodies the kick-ass, uncompromising feminist politico the show has been lacking.

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