Lifepac Homeschool Curriculum

The Lifepac homeschool curriculum is a provider of Christian based curriculum for home schools which seek a more structured method of course delivery. The main focus of the curriculum is it’s boxed sets of five core subjects: Bible, language arts, math, history and geography, and science. The courses come with tests to be administered by parents. There are also a number of additional courses available for being taught as electives so there would not be an urgent need to buy textbooks outside the system.

These five boxed sets of courses are the heart of the Alpha Omega home education curriculum, designed to be a complete track of courses for the entire 12 years of a child’s secondary education experience. Its teaching methodology is primarily that of concept mastery in which a student masters one concept or topic before moving on to the next one. This mastery is assessed through the use of exercises, pre-tests, reviews, and examinations. Thus, both parent and student know at all times whether or not the student is making progress and to what degree.

There are also labs and independent projects to stimulate the student’s interest and to help drive home the point of the lesson as well as allow both parent and student to be creative. Interestingly, some of the criticisms of the program are in this area as some parents complained the idea of boxed sets stifled creativity and was too rigid. Others complained they did not like the idea of having to proceed in a specified order of instruction. Nevertheless, there were just as many who praised the curriculum even if not with high enthusiasm.

If you are interested in a Christian based curriculum for your child, then you should consider Lifepac and give it a test drive. Its structured course delivery system might be just the right mix for you and your child.