Life in high technology garbage


Guiyu town in Guangdong Province, China, handles 1.5 million tons of electronic wastes and collects about $ 75 million each year. Recycling technology is considered as a “traditional job” of Guiyu town tens of years. Guiyu is a town of Chaoyang district which belongs to Guangdong Province, the Southern of China.


Since late 1980, millions of tons of technology waste have been imported into China and are mainly processed in Guiyu. According to the statistic of the local government in 2006, this town has about 5,500 treatment facilities, recycles waste of high technologies, and creates jobs for over 30,000 people.


Recycling wast of high technology


One year, this town can handle 1.5 million tons of machinery, technological equipment and fail electronic component, and 80% of waste is imported from overseas. The income of the people is up to 75 million dollars each year.


The town of “garbage” is familiar with the local people.


Although the environmental pollution is more and more serious, people in Guiyu still determined to stick to “job” because of its profits.


Recycling is a traditional career for this family.


The people in the town of Guiyu can classify the electronic components such as an engineer.


There are about 30,000 people are “practicing” in Guiyu recycling.


Many people become richer thanks to this job


The problem of environmental pollution is developing.


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