Life After Diabetes


One of the most common but the most feared diseases is diabetes. It’s feared and dreaded because it is very easy for the disease to get out of control and lead to death. If the US statistics are anything to go by, people are justified to dread the disease because the statistics show that diabetes comes third in the list of killer diseases in the US. The worldwide statistics regarding diabetes are equally shocking.

You might be wondering what leads to one being diabetic. Biologically, your pancreas excretes insulin to facilitate the normal functioning of the blood because it absorbs glucose, in form of sugar. There comes a time however that the insulin cannot match up the glucose and glucose will end up in your blood stream, and you’ll simply be referred to as a diabetic.

Once diagnosed as diabetics, it becomes part of your life. You’ll become more active in thinking only that this time you’ll be thinking about diabetes. You shouldn’t be surprised to find yourself chanting diabetes several times a day. You’ll start surviving hour after hour, and medication will become part of your day to day life. Be advised that the medication is highly probable to consume a large part of your earnings.

When you’re diagnosed with diabetes, your body will be vulnerable to other diseases such as heart diseases, kidney failure, blurred vision and blindness, nervous breakdown and infection of the extremities which might lead to amputation and the last thing to befall you once diagnosed with diabetes is death.

The predicaments begin with the prescriptions that you get for your condition. Note that these are just like any other medicine for another disease hence has their own share of side effects. Weight gain, skin rashes, respiratory diseases are few of the many adverse side effects that are virtually inevitable with diabetes medication. You’ll be overwhelmed by many Over the Counter Medications promising you instant cure to diabetes, but so far, no cure yet has been found. The cure lies inside you, you ought to control your diet and become much disciplined to stick to a diabetic diet, and change your lifestyle, that is if you want to live long.

One change of lifestyle that all medical practitioners seem to be in a consensus about is taking morning walks. This way, you’ll be taming your condition’s intensity. Change your diet completely, you might want to take some time to learn about a diabetic diet, what it should and shouldn’t contain. Ensure you stick to your dietary plan; this cannot be overemphasized because only your diet will determine how your recovery path would be. You may seek local treatments that will tame the escalating blood pressure, which should only be your hope at such a point in time. Thus, you shouldn’t be made to believe that all is lost, there is life after diabetes.