Liberty Health Net – Is it an MLM Rip Off Or a Pathway to Riches?


If you’ve been searching the internet for ways to make money online, you’ve undoubtedly encountered mlm and network marketing programs. If so you may have come across a company called Liberty Health Net or LHN for short.

You may also be asking yourself if this is a good company to get started with. Well here are my thoughts, though you may want to keep in mind that I am currently a member of LHN, and may be have a bias toward the company.

When I fist encountered Liberty Health, I liked the emphasis that the company placed on providing products that were geared toward good, basic, fundamental health issues, like providing the body with lots of oxygen, proper ph levels, great supplements and terrific garlic products ( garlic is a great anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties) and more. 

But what really caught my attention was the compensation plan.  Many companies ask you to personally sponsor four or five people yourself, or in the case of binary plan companies, you are usually rewarded for sponsoring huge numbers of people.  Not so with LHN.  All you need is two people personally enrolled to qualify for all levels of the compensation plan. And the plan is extremely generous in its payout.

Plus, the amount of product you need to purchase to qualify for residual commissions is a mere $ 30 plus shipping and handling.  This makes it affordable for huge numbers of people all over the world.  Liberty ships product to people in over fifty countries, with more coming on board.

On the minus side, the website itself is not the most attractive that I’ve seen.  But if that is the only drawback, I wouldn’t let that stop me.

Can you make great money with Liberty Health Net?  The short answer is yes, but you need the help of a network that’s working together with you.  That’s one thing the company cannot provide.  That can only come from your upline support.

So bottom line, if you choose to join Liberty Health Net I think you’ve made a good choice.  But then the next level of choice is to choose your upline carefully, because they can mean the difference between your thriving or failing, even with a great company like LHN.