Learn The Best Karate Martial Arts Techniques For Street Fights!

Are you ready to learn some valuable karate martial arts techniques to help you survive a REAL ASSAULT? If so, here are some critical things to consider compiled from some various types of martial arts to help you with your skills.

First, trapping is a very effective karate martial arts technique. To “trap” an adversary simply means you do just that – you basically holds his arms or legs in a manner that does not allow him to kick or punch. A method of achieving this can be done by locking up both your attackers arms with one of your own, then landing as many quick strikes as possible with your other hand or elbow.

Here’s a karate martial arts technique that you should REFRAIN from using – high kick! They LOOK awesome in the movies, and may add some benefit to your tournament routine. In a REAL FIGHT, however, they can get you SERIOUSLY INJURED! Not only do they exhaust greater energy due to exerting more effort to perform them, they allow you to have your center of gravity totally thrown off by your attacker. It’s just a fact. Conserve your energy, maintain your balance, and place your kicks LOWER, to more vital areas where they will do the most good – groin, knees, and shins.

Striking and kicking weaker areas of the body is another great karate martial arts technique, because landing blows to such vulnerable areas cause your assailant greater pain, and make him or her think twice about continuing the assault. Keep in mind that a “good clean fight” DOESN’T exist on out the streets! Your very SURVIVAL (or that of a loved one) is at stake here, so NEVER pull any punches! So, if an opportunity arises for digging at an eye, biting a hand, crushing a throat, or kicking a groin – in order to get this attacker to stop – THEN DO IT! You may only get ONE chance to save your life – so make it count! Don’t feel as though you need to feel sorry for this slime-ball. If you want to feel bad for your attacker, do it LATER – but NOT while you are defending you LIFE!

The age-old philosophy of “keeping things simple” is an excellent karate martial arts technique. Why attempt some ridiculous “spinning wheel kick” when straightforward boot to the groin gets highly effective and immediate results? Keep your enemy in close, to deliver some powerful blows. A common reaction may be to put as much distance as possible between you and your attacker. But if you are not landing some good, solid hits, your enemy IS going to keep coming! Rather than back away, you should concentrate on a powerful block/strike combos to maximize your efforts.

And use ALL your fighting knowledge to your advantage. Focus specifically on executing techniques that you have trained on extensively in the past, and have proven themselves effective. It is highly recommended that you start learning MORE THAN ONE form of martial art. To successfully walk away from a street fight, you will need a much wider range of understanding regarding street fighting methods.

Maintaining your overall health and body structure is vitally important as well. Lift weights and get plenty of cardio, at least 3 or 4 days out of the week. The condition of your body really IS a significant factor in surviving an attack on the streets. Don’t “let yourself go,” get sloppy, or lazy – STAYING IN SHAPE, both mentally and physically, can make all the difference in who remains standing at the end of a street fight!