Learn How To Get Rid Of Ants?

{flickr|100|campaign} Ants have the annoying habit of never letting go of a place, they consider “home”. Due to their small stature and the ability to adapt to numerous environmental situations they can be unwelcome visitors in a house, for an indefinite amount of time. Stamping on them or spraying bug poison can hardly help one can get rid of them. To know how to get rid of ants, one must have a sound battle plan. One can either call for professional assistance or can tackle it, on their own.

To get rid of ants, one needs to know what makes ants tick. Ants travel in colonies under the leadership of the Queen ant. It is common knowledge that the Queen is the culprit, since she is primarily the reason, the ants have set up camp in a person’s house. She is easier to spot since she is usually the biggest ant in the group and also the only one to have wings on her back. The fastest way of ridding ants is by killing the Queen ant, since she adds to the population of the ants. Another not so pleasant method is, setting a plate of cornmeal. When the ants eat the cornmeal and follow it up with drinking water, this results in the expansion of the cornmeal and this ruptures their digestive systems. This method of control is very safe for children and pets. Another sound way of keeping ants away is by sprinkling cinnamon in the routes the ants take to enter the house.

Listed below are various tips that one can use to get rid of ants. They are as follows:

Citrus Peelings- One can take peelings of citurs fruits and may ground them with using enough water. The liquid concotion can be removed and sprayed all over the ant mound/hive. This can get rid of carpenter ants and other types of garden ants.

Boiling water- This is a sound method for killing less number of ant colonies. To demolish one ant mound one can use around 3 gallons of boling water.

Sprinkling Grits- Hot cereals or grits are perfect for eliminating ants in the garden or yard. As per choice or requirement one can buy any hot cereal from the market and sprinkle on the ant mounds. The cereal bloats the stomach of the ants and kills them.

Borax mixture- Borax is a great way to kill ants. One may combine the equal parts of sugar and borax and spray the mixture in the garden. The sugar attracts the ants and the borax kills them.

Mint Herb- Ants usually detest any kind of strong odour. The pungent flavor of mint leaves acts as a deterrent to them. To finish this menace once and for all, grow mint plants throughout the year. That is one good way to get rid of ants.

Spray baby powder- Since ants are repelled by strong fragrances, baby powder is also a good way of keeping ants at bay. One can spray cinammon or pepper or vinegar to repel these little beasts.