Las Vegas Pool Fashion

I love Las Vegas. It’s one of my favorite vacation spots hands down. There’s so many things to do there. From the thrill of letting it all ride on a pair of dice, to the elaborate stage performances that could exist no place else, to the miles upon miles of four star restaurants and buffets, Vegas has it all. But one of my favorite Las Vegas pastimes is sitting poolside and watching all the beautiful people frolic in the perfectly manicured lagoons.
If Las Vegas didn’t invent the pool party, they perfected it. Vegas pools are wrapped in adventure, from live DJs and swim up bars, to celebrity parties and well, swim up blackjack. Where else on earth is it perfectly normal to rent a poolside cabana for rates tripling what you paid for your room? Not to mention the so called cabanas are stocked like Safari tents to royalty, with everything from flat panel televisions to beds and even air conditioning. I’ve seen cabanas in Vegas so big I could just about live in one. The view would be an upgrade, that’s for sure.
Some of my favorite pools include; The Mandalay Bay with it’s 11 acres of perfectly landscaped aquatic paradise including but not limited to a wave pool, beach, and “south beach” style 21 and over section, the pool complex at Mandalay Bay offers something for everyone.
Then there is the Flamingo. Although the resort itself is a little dated and tacky for modern day center strip, the pool area at the Flamingo has kept it’s timeless cool all these years. Landscaped into a tropical oasis you’re bound to feel like you’re lost somewhere in Paradise. The four pools get a heavy dose of hotties as well, which makes lounging underneath a palm tree with a drink in your hand and your feet in the water all that much better.
Finally, I’m a sucker for simple debauchery. And if this is your scene the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino pool has it in excess. Four Jacuzzis, forty Tahitian style cabanas, and underwater sound system and all the eye candy you can handle makes the pool at Hard Rock definitely not for the faint of heart.
No matter where you go in Las Vegas there’s bound to be plenty of sun and lavish amenities. But what makes the pool scene in Las Vegas all worthwhile are the throngs of beautiful people all dressed to impress in designer swimwear. Yes, what you wear to the pools on the strip is just as important as what you wear to the clubs.
From Brazilian cut bikinis to monokinis and more, Vegas pools offer a fashion show of unparalleled magnetism. Stick around long enough and you are bound to see a bronzed beauty sporting seductively designed eres swimwear. Or if your lucky enough you might even see a starlet show off that Beverly Hills body in something from seafolly swimwear. Hell, if your like me, some of the swimsuits you’ll see will seem every bit as revealing and alluring as full fledged lingerie.
But that’s what makes it Las Vegas right? Sun, fun, and an over the top mind numbing ambush on the senses. Just remember to pack your dark sunglasses, order a drink with lots of ice, and when the beauty sunbathing in the lounger next to you asks if you have lotion, it’s only polite to share.