Key Relationship Breaking Up Tips

So your in a relationship and you feel it might be time to bring your relation with your partner to an end. Depending on how long you have been with your partner or how much you care for this person, ending the relationship can be a difficult, confusing, frustrating situations to deal with in your life. Of course, you have your list of reasons why you might want to break up with your partner, but it is still a tough situation for you to resolve, but why. Maybe you don’t want to break up with them in the first place. These are some tips to help you clarify your situation and decide if breaking up is something you really want to do.

If you are considering breaking up with your partner it is important to ask yourself why you are breaking up with them in the first place. It will also be a good idea to talk to them about these reasons, because it wouldn’t be right to break up with someone for reasons that were untrue. Do not tell anyone that you are thinking about ending the relationship, especially if you are not 100% sure you are going to go through with it. The last thing you want are rumors to go around and get back to the person you are in the relationship with, before you get a chance to sit down and talk to them about the situation. Allowing your partner to hear news like that from other sources is a big mistake, they probably would have heard several different stories before you finally talk to them. If you feel they might want out of the relationship also, ask them questions like where do they think its going, is anything making the relationship difficult to be in.

Think about what the relationship will look like 3 weeks to a month from now. The biggest mistake people make is to break up with someone out of anger or spite and then regret the decision later. Make sure you have a reason to break up with your partner, because they will ask you why and you should have an answer ready for them. Lack of closure can be psychologically damaging for some people, be considerate. Breaking up with your ex the right way is important, because you don’t want the same negative things you have done to come back around on you, karma.

Sometimes when you get into heated arguments or debates about your relationship, it maybe difficult for you to explain or give examples of reasons why you are fed up with the relationship. Try writing your reasons or examples down in advance before confronting your partner. It is also a good idea to share what you have written down with someone you trust or a counselor, this will help communicating how you feel to that person a lot easier.

If you have came to the decision it is time to move on there are several breaking up tips you should review first.

* Picking the appropriate place. Breaking up with them in the privacy of their own home is a good route to take for two reasons.

1. They will feel secure enough to respond emotionally. Imagine if you were dumped in public and everyone had a front row view of you breaking down emotionally, or crying. You wouldn’t want strangers, family, or friends to witness this version of you. So don’t do it to anyone else, give them a chance to feel comfortable expressing their feelings and emotions. Less public the break up the better.

2. It would be kind of harsh to break up with someone and then tell them to get out. Breaking up with someone doesn’t mean you have to be enemies after. But you can bet after telling them you want to end the relationship, then telling them to go home, they will be looking to get even, or looking for revenge. You have enough enemies already you don’t need any more, trust me. If you are at their home you can walk out and leave after you have made your decision clear to them.

On the other hand, breaking up with someone you live with is a little more difficult. Some thing you can consider, is to move all your stuff while they are not home and then break up with them when they come home. However, only you know the best way to handle this situation. No matter how you approach this situation it will still be a difficult.

* Keep your distance. Once you have ended the relationship try to keep your distance, some relationship experts recommend at least 6 months before you resume any contact, if any. Take this time to think and learn more about yourself. Do the things you wouldn’t normally have done if you were still in a relationship with your ex.

* Choosing the right time to break up. Avoid breaking up with your partner on holidays or special occasions, like birthdays, or anniversaries. You don’t want them to remember being dumped every time one of these days come around.

* Try not to seem happy about the break up. Just because your happy to end the relationship, doesn’t mean they feel the same way. They already feel bad enough after you broke the bad news to them. There is no need to make them feel any worse, by laughing, smiling, or celebrating your break up in front of them.

* Try to be honest and sensitive at the same time. Tell them the truth why the relationship is no longer an interest to you, but don’t tell them things like “I’m leaving you because your fat and ugly” or “I’m leaving you because I found someone better than you will ever be”. This is unnecessary, keep it simple and honest at the same time. Trust me, you can be honest without being rude or cruel.

* Don’t take the easy way out. Breaking up with someone in person can be difficult, but breaking up with someone over the phone, text messaging, or by email is a quick way to loose respect from your family, or friends (or maybe you have gotten close with their family and friends). However, if you know the person you are breaking up with is sensitive, breaking up over the phone might actually be good for the situation, because it gives the person an opportunity to cry and sob immediately instead of waiting for you to leave. If you do choose to break up over the phone make sure you are doing it to be considerate and not for your convenience.