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New Army rewrite the old pattern of refrigerator market, and many variables

And with color TV market represented by the black, compared to refrigerators, washing machines white, led the market seems low-key and calm, but bloodshed. On the one hand, to upgrade the product mix and market demand to bring a new round of the refrigerator industry, strong growth, and preservation of the industry to replace energy-saving theme, on the door, three door, high-end products such as multi-temperature zone gradually into the homes of ordinary people. On the other hand, the White Hisense Kelon, Meiling Chang M, the sudden emergence of the United States, old Legend?? Haier, Kelon, a new fly, Meiling domination completely rewritten this year, leading Konka suddenly black power, claiming to be its white color TV and mobile phone after following the third largest pillar industry, and targeting first-line camp. It appears that the market faces a number of variables in the refrigerator.

Coveted white black giant profits

The past two years, white refrigerator industry in particular, into the rapid growth phase, especially towns such as 34 demand begins to release. Meanwhile, a new generation, new technologies demand growth driven secondary market has begun force, and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other large cities facing the user replacement, freon-free, energy conservation, preservation, and other new technology makes the concept of selling snow ball snowball. Of rapid industrial upgrading at the same time, the market began to reshuffle the cards, to provide an opportunity for new brands come from behind.

Early as 2000, black white companies began to expand the market, TCL, Hisense first to get a fixed market share. In recent years, Changhong, Konka is also preferred the white because the color TV profits increasingly thin, and white great room for growth and profits are relatively stable. According to Su Ning, Shenzhen, Ministry of person in charge of washing the ice, black into white, mainly through acquisitions or self-built forms. Chang made the original deal last year, veteran business Meiling refrigerator, using its production line to produce and take a shortcut into the refrigerator market. The next step may be the “Rainbow Bridge” into Meiling brand, introduced dual branding works. Konka currently selected for the self-built model, the head of that in the long run, the model will be better than mergers and acquisitions, to achieve the production, marketing, self-control, more conducive to long-term development of the brand.

Jianjun, vice president of Konka Group, said in the past three years, sales of Konka white 50% maintained an annual growth rate, accompanied by the renewal of white power industry market trends and 34 blow the opportunity to develop Konka white chance has come. Konka’s white in Anhui Industrial Park, a completion, 2008 will also build a new annual capacity of 30 million units of the automatic washing machine production line and plans to re-built or bought within two years a new fridge and washing machine production line. 2010, Konka white will reach refrigerator production line 4, automatic washing machine production line 2 production scale, then, Konka white an annual capacity of 2.8 million units, the manufacturing industry into the domestic white ranks of the First Army .

Weakened in strength and made camp, not thin

On the Shenzhen market, because higher levels of consumption, brand awareness is high, refrigerator sales are still concentrated in the foreign brands dominate high-end products, Siemens, LG, SAMSUNG and Panasonic brands account for four major joint ventures in the market 55% or more, and the whole, the average price is more than double the domestic brands. Haier is among the few areas in the high-end domestic brands, according to the latest data, the first half of this year, Haier refrigerator has won 23.8% of the market, in which high-end refrigerators accounted for 31% of the share, can be seen Haier’s main push high-end, multi-door, on the open fields and a joint venture to start competing brand marketing strategy has been successful.

According to the data, the next two years, China’s refrigerator market demand will reach 38 million units to 42 million units worldwide will reach 85 million to 95 million units. Domestic refrigerator manufacturers, according to the production, sale situation, there are both the domestic market or exported to overseas market, have a huge market space. But there are also the industry that cake is great, but not necessarily eat into mouth, black giant currently only solved the production chain, is “first made the gun” stage, the face of brands with a high concentration of technological maturity of the refrigerator market in the future how the black market enterprises to achieve the performance of the refrigerator market structure will be and what impact is still uncertain.

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