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Entered in 2009, projected trends for the industry on a “disorder” is no better word to describe. As the market due to the macro environment and industry conditions, many of the new projection was also adjusted the brand strategy, in particular has been occupied in the domestic market dominance projection of the Japanese brands, even in 2009 when major twists and turns. NEC , Matsushita in the channel this year made a big change of face, NEC projectors for three years three agents, perform channel change the “brace.” Matsushita and The East Central Plains Hand 10 years of love is coming to an end. Gengrang industry shock that God Toshiba code, it is difficult is followed by “Bole hand man” of the legend, the first years of the domestic market, the brand projection Fang Jian rumored For delisting. According to related reports to statistics, in 2009 first quarter, the traditional giant projection Epson , NEC, Panasonic the large decline in market share … …

Japanese projection In addition, recently baked nine electric companies in Japan in fiscal year 08 annual report. Mitsubishi Electric to remove than eight companies are loss, net loss totaled 22,244 billion yen (about 159.6 billion yuan), more than 01 financial year IT Collapse of the bubble when the 19,130 billion yen, a record.

Japanese projector brands have different combat experience, which undoubtedly gave the Japanese brand has been suppressed national brands a chance.

BenQ Projector Huang Zhenyu, said senior product manager. The current crisis, major projector brands are adjusting their strategies to combat the unprecedented winter. In the adjustment process, some channel vendors radical shock, more individual Japanese firms to reduce losses and shrinking China’s front, and may be completely removed from the projector market. 2009 projection of the market for the brand and the industry is not stable for one year, some progress has been out. This BenQ projector is an important opportunity, so he hopes business BenQ channel Cooperation BenQ partners to work together and truly his own doorstep in 2009 to defeat Japanese brand, and replace the domestic market lead as the projection position.

Projection of the same brand from Taiwan Optoma , Luxeon is also a high-profile strike, one after another new tour activities, the purpose is to be able to market to Win in the 2009 projection. Optoma volume of China’s general manager, said Zhong Yi, Optoma hope “into the national top five within three years,” the great ideal, in the near future, I believe that Optoma will be achieved.

Even just this year to enter the domestic market Vivitek projectors are also hoping to adjust the domestic market big time, Luxeon quickly squeeze into the ranks of the mainstream brands strive to achieve in 2009 Sell Goal is 13,000 units, and strive to enter the top ten next year.

Addition to BenQ, Optoma, Luxeon three Taiwan-based projector brands active in the domestic market distribution, the market has been in relatively low-key Acer projector hope in 2009 in the domestic market, a big projection. According to Acer distributor Digital China introduced, acer projector in the domestic market will highly differentiated variety of new projectors, products include bright, portable business projectors, and short-focus projector, hope to all segments of the industry infiltration. Speaking of homemade projector brand

of course, in addition to Taiwan-based brand, naturally, can not be separated Lenovo, Haier, Changhong, China domestic brands, domestic brands we all know the local community has been suppressed by Japanese brands have not the light of day. Japanese brands are now faced with making a major adjustment time, they naturally want to waiting in the wings ah. According to network projections of the times was informed, Changhong, Haier two just to enter the projector market, the domestic two “new” will also be offering several new heavy equipment to attack the domestic projection projector market in order to help in 2009 the projector market does not get its own stability a Territory.

Early as 2007, with household appliances background Changhong, Haier already has two domestic brands to enter the projector market, which caused extensive discussion projection market. Some people say that they promote the experience of home appliances channels pass graft projection product line, the situation for a successful open market to provide a very important prerequisite. It can be said Changhong, Haier and other Chinese brands into the projector market, and Lenovo are similar to the original intervention. Is opening up new markets for their products, but also enriches their own group as a whole product line, with a strategic layout means that sales of their products have been able to play the role of carrying or promoting.

But Changhong, Haier from two years to give people the feeling of more conservative and did not have a free hand to carry out large-scale market development. So left to the industry only to projection market, “just for fun” feeling. I hope that in 2009, Changhong, domestic appliances giant Haier both really solid in the projector market, leaving footprints.