Is Your Site Topic A Google Adsense Accelerant?

Is Your Site Topic A Google Adsense Accelerant?

If you didn’t attend the funeral of Google Adsense despair not, because you are not alone. Though much has been written about the untimely death of Adsense, the truth of the matter is that Google Adsense is alive and very well.

If you are new to the whole Google-Adsense-Is-Dead brouhaha let’s tread back in time a little to get you up to speed. Cutting a somewhat long story short, what you need to be aware of is that in the waning months of 2005 Google made a few select tweaks to its Adsense algorithm that effectively pulled the plug on Adsense Joy riders (Adsense scammers).

The Adsense Joy riders were the folks who were pulling in huge Adsense revenues by directing tons of irrelevant traffic to their Adsense-template sites (Adsense-specific optimized sites). So how were the Adsense joy riders able to corral such tremendous amounts of traffic? Simple! Just pay for thousands of visitors to their sites for a nominal fee; e.g., they could get 100,000 visitors directed to their sites for about $ 100 bucks!

For the Adsense joy rider it mattered little whether those visitors constituted relevant traffic or not; or to put it another way, it was immaterial whether the visitor to the site was actually interested or actively looking for the subject matter of the site.

The only thing that mattered to the Adsense joy rider was that the traffic came from different IP addresses such that when the Adsense ads on their sites were clicked, each click registered as originating from a different IP address. This was necessary in order to avoid accusations of click fraud (click fraud is said to have occurred when multiple clicks are registered from the same IP address. Click fraud is a really old school technique (that was quickly nullified by Google) to boost one’s own Adsense revenue.

The other hurdle the Adsense joy riders had to over come was how to get traffic unconcerned about the topic of their Adsense (template) website to click on their ads. This was achieved quite easily. By having pretty much nothing else on such a webpage, the Adsense joy rider dramatically boosted the click through rate of their Adsense ads; after all, what else could the hapless visitor do other than click on a Google Adsense ad or click their back button…

Most people actually tended to reflexively click on an Adsense ad with the result, ka-ching Adsense guru just got paid…and paid a lot!

Anyway the advertisers started complaining to Google that their advertising money was being wasted, Google listened and tweaked a little bit more and effectively slowed the Adsense joy ride to a dead halt. It was about this time that the Adsense joy riders (Adsense sneakmeisters) began selling their products…and selling them hard!

They had ample proof that there was money to be made from Google Adsense and they certainly weren’t shy about sharing that proof.

But what the poor Adsense-wannabe millionaires who bought those overpriced products did not know was that the techniques outlined in those courses were defunct. They just didn’t work anymore…Google had seen to that and this was the reason the Adsense gurus were very kindly letting the rest of the world into their Adsense mega-revenue generating systems!

Is Google Adsense Truly Dead!

Adsense is alive and thriving well. Heck Adsense is doing more than thriving…Adsense is kicking butt for plenty of marketers! But who are these mysterious people who are still making good money from Adsense? Do they actually exist? Sure they do, they are the folks who have legit sites that are strategically placed on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

You see Google doesn’t place the same Adsense ads on each and every website. The advertisers shelling out the most coin for a given keyword get their adverts displayed on high-traffic, topically relevant sites that are very well placed on the search engines…specifically on Google.

The rationale behind this is that if your website is all-the-way-up-there on Google, it means that Google views your website as legit and well-qualified to host the highest paying Adsense ads targeting a particular keyword; if such a website was not up to scratch, it wouldn’t be so highly placed on Google.

Adsense Revenue Accelerant Topics

Ever noticed that once people become knowledgeable about Google Adsense, from then onwards they avoid clicking on Adsense ads as if they were plague bombs?

And who are these Adsense-savvy folks who shy away from Adsense ads? How about people just like you and me…in other words marketers and people active in ecommerce!

The great news though is that there are plenty of people out there who are unaware idea that those ads they are clicking on are called Google Adsense ads; and that when they click on such an ad they are making someone money while at the same time costing another person money.

Such Adsense-ignorant folk are the people who typically click on an ad unconsciously because they found the topic of the ad interesting; simply put, these are the people who advertisers and Google love…they constitute relevant traffic.

Bottom line: If your site is not well ranked on Google and the other search engines yet you wish to make significant revenue from Adsense, you best ensure that the topic of your website is not one that boasts a large Adsense-savvy population…i.e., think niche markets, or article directories (which partly explains the explosion of article directories).

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