Is Senator John Mccain Overrated?

Sen. John McCain, once praised as a maverick, has shown himself to be just another political hack. McCain the septuagenarian in the 2008 presidential race brings the grandpa factor front and center. Older should mean wiser, which unfortunately isn’t the case with Mr. McCain, if his unwavering support for George Bush’s failed war policies are any indication. Despite having his first run for the presidency derailed by the Bush crime family, McCain genuflects whenever he’s in the presence of that son of a Bush. Though McCain clearly is the elder statesman in the race, he distains age being mentioned.

Ronald Reagan was older than McCain when he ran for president. For much of his presidency, unbeknownst to you and I, John Q. Public, Mr. Reagan was in various stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Mr. McCain’s is the picture of good health, now that his cancer is in remission. His insistence that this latest surge be given a chance does make one question his judgment. The war in Iraq cannot, that’s right, I said it, cannot be won militarily. It requires a political solution. The war on terror, like the war on drugs is an oxymoron, a romantic farce, out of the John Wayne school of thought. It is clear that we must respond to the terror threat. A preemptive strike against a country that had nothing to do with the terror we faced isn’t even close to the solution. Mr. McCain apparently thinks that it is, if his vociferous support for that son of a Bush is any indication.

Make no mistake about it; John McCain has served his country in exemplary fashion. Like his predecessors he has a distinguished Navy career. He was shot down out of the sky over Viet Nam and became a five-year occupant of the infamous Hanoi Hilton prison camp. For most of that time, various forms of torture were applied. Given his experience in Viet Nam you would think that he would be staunchly against torture. Initially he was, but in short order, caved in under White House pressure. Mr. McCain appears extremely malleable under White House pressure. I can only speculate as to what Satan, I mean Dick Cheney has on him. As it relates to the war in Iraq, the most critical comment you can get out of him is that the war wasn’t properly executed.

According to McCain, he has always believed that more troops should have been employed. He now argues that the Bush surge is our last chance for a military victory in Iraq. Again, one must question his judgment. What might have worked at the outset of the war has little chance of succeeding at this juncture. Our troops are in the middle of a civil war that we have no stake in. All concerned want us gone. Shia, Sunnis and insurgents are of one mind when it comes to this. McCain wants us to give it one more try. April has proven to be one of the bloodiest and costliest months since the war began. What is McCain’s answer to the carnage? Stay the course one more time.