Iraq, Death Row


Iraq has taken a superpower, with all its resources and drained it dry, likened to an empty soup bowl, and for what? We won a war, that should be good enough, but no one will win a peace over there. We are doing exactly what the enemy wants, draining, draining and draining, our nation’s assets, at a cost for a broken down, ungrateful waistband of a nation.

Most Americans do not know why we are over there, and neither do our leaders and I doubt the President has a good reason anymore himself. Unless he uses the old philosophy of fight there or in our country, which has long lost its getup and go; it no longer makes any sense.

America is in a recession, the dollar is next to worthless in the world around America, the will of the soldiers are nil, and numbing of many families, what on earth does the president expect the American people to do with such humdrum leadership.

Every week 40-soldiers die for a country that prays each night we leave theirs. We spend 3-billion dollars a day of our tax money, or perhaps we are just printing it up, like toilet paper, and no wonder no one wants the dollar any more-we could be using it for better reasons; I am lead to believe the president of the United States needs some kind of shock therapy to get him back to reality. I am an 11-year veteran, and Vietnam veteran, and this is a sorry case of misleadership; I have to believe the President is sane, and therefore it has to be for the rich to get richer with the contracts they are getting from the government, and the banking industry, which could careless if a soldier or two dies for their greater cause of power vs. control, except if it is there sons going to war.

I would like to vote for John McCain, but after listening to his speech today, how can I. He thinks it is in the interest of America to stay in the war, out of pride, and feels like Mr. Bush, whatever cost its is, to stay, we need to, yet he has not count the cost it will take for America. What we use up there, we cannot protect our other interests throughout the world, and our enemy knows this. He is not thinking at all about individual Americans, the soldiers that are coming home mindless, one out of four. Where is he at, he will never make President with such foolishness. Enough is enough.

I think Mr. McCain has forgot, this a government for the people by the people, not for the president by the president. And the people of America do not want to support dirt dried up country that has no respect for the country they are draining. We have to ask the question: what do we get in return? And it comes out every time as a flat-Zero!