IPhone Apps For Getting Organized

As the leading smartphone on the market, the iPhone is unparalleled in its versatility. In addition to being the best handheld device for personal communication, connectivity, and entertainment, the iPhone can also function as the ultimate organizer. Thanks to Apple’s commitment to third-party software developers, busy iPhone users can find the right applications to help them track appointments, manage their personal information, prioritize their tasks, update their schedules, synchronize with other devices, and share their data with other users. A visit to the App Store on iTunes is the first step in getting organized. The following five applications will help you get started:


“Remember Everything”. Evernote’s slogan comes to life in its application for the iPhone. This intuitive app works on that timeless method of organization: taking notes. The iPhone is already a great tool for note taking. The Evernote application allows users to create rich notes that can include text, pictures, and recorded audio. Every note taken can be synchronized automatically across other devices or to an online location. In addition to time-stamping every note, Evernote even adds geo-location tags that can be used with mapping applications.


This simplistic yet beautifully named app turns the iPhone into an efficient task manager. “Things” features a clean interface and intuitive functionality. To-do items are prioritized within the following categories: Today, Next, Scheduled, and Someday. As new tasks are entered, they are smartly moved into the correct category. Projects involving several tasks can also be created and managed with this app. A nice logbook of all finished tasks and completion history is available for retrospective review.


Professional and complex task management can be handled on the iPhone with the OmniFocus app. Tasks and to-do items can be entered freely using the different input options of the iPhone (text, audio, and/or photo). OmniFocus organizes tasks by different contexts. This app takes advantage of the iPhone’s location awareness technological in order to assign geographical contexts to certain tasks. This features allows OmniFocus to alert the user about “nearby tasks” that can be completed according to the user’s location.


The iPhone’s high resolution touch screen allows developers to create apps that are life-like and intuitive. Such is the case with ToDo. This app features an interface that is very reminiscent of a traditional day planner. ToDo makes task management seem like fun. While ToDo can be used as a standalone iPhone app, it works best when synchronized with other software such as Outlook or iCal. A variety of contexts can be used to filter and prioritize tasks, and entire projects can be managed as well.

2Do: Stunning To Do List

This task manager app features one of the best user interfaces ever created for the iPhone. Tasks and projects can be displayed in landscape mode to reveal more information. Each to-do item entered can be easily dragged and dropped to different folders or calendars. 2Do allows iPhone users to assign multiple tags to each task, making it easier to search for items by content, time and date, or contact information. Voice notes can be appended to tasks, and synchronizing data is made simple with an integrated helper.