Intelligent Operations for BPO Success

Intelligent running of operations is one area that can make or break the story of a BPO. Thanks to the large-scale invasion of technology, operations can be quite smooth if you want them to be. The trick is to pick the right operations and then optimize them according to the needs of the call center. Telemarketing projects need various types of operations like lead generation or answering service. With the right mix of operational efficiency and know-how, call centers can achieve the kind of target that they are looking at. Call center services can be varied and disparate. To fine-tune all of their individual aspects, you will need to be careful about the metrics as well as about the performance appraisal. Let’s check out how some simple operational intelligence can help you achieve greater ends.

Several call centers across the globe are trying to analyze speech patterns of the callers. By identifying that, BPO managers are hopeful of getting some insightful knowledge about how the buyer’s mind works and reacts to certain products and services. For example, if you follow the speech pattern of a caller on the answering service desk, you can find out if the person is interested in actually making a purchase or is just fishing for information. Armed with this, the lead generation agent can approach the caller. If you can always guess what the caller is thinking of, you are in an ideal position to control the flow of things. Telemarketing is all about knowing the buyer’s mind. The right guesses can get you the right kind of response and you can clinch the sale easier than you thought you could.

Operational intelligence applies to use of technology as well. On the answering service desk, you often have callers holding on the phone for long lengths of time. They are either not getting what they want, or they are not being satisfied with what they are getting. It’s time for the BPO managers to step in and check what’s going wrong. Are the agents badly trained? Are they unsure of how to handle the equipment that they need for telemarketing? If the answers are yes, you need to take them to the training room. You may say that you have already trained them. But the fact remains that they are not being able to deliver at the inbound call center desk. In other words, either your training module lacks technological back-up or you need better agents. In either case, operational intelligence brings the weak link to light.

BPO units have to fix all the loose ends if they have to make an impact. Call center services have to be on par with the best in the world, in terms of quality and pricing. To achieve that, you have to streamline the process as much as you can. A good way to do that is to use operational intelligence and spare a thought for the finer details of telemarketing. It is always advisable to find things out and correct them before they get panned by clients and customers alike.