Intelligent Monitoring Technology


In general, any intelligent monitoring has two aspects. First is getting more information from monitor pictures and second is that it is practicable and friendly enough to adapt to the increasingly enlarged systematic scales. Changing the processing mode such as traditional monitors do with the image information is necessary for both the two aspects.


Traditional monitors have already been well developed. It is very easy for the production and collection of pictures owing to the progress in technology, high quality and low price of the camera. Besides, the storage system is able to accumulate large quantity of original data. However, it will take a lot of cost to obtain some useful information. If this problem will not be properly solved, the picture material will soon become useless things and it will be very expensive to get some useful information from piles of the picture material. The real valuable things are those which to be obtained though seriously analysis. It is only the automatic intelligent analysis that is competent for the job.


Viewing from functional aspect, a safety system is not a good one if it is not equipped with the alarming function, this is the safety requirement that challenges us. From the technological views, implementing the automatic exploration is the basic for an intelligent monitor. There is an urgent requirement for the monitoring system to supervise the spot continuously and remind the police to take prompt measures accordingly. Besides, the system can also be able to predict the trend of a certain issue, and to alarm the limitation to people related in order to do with the problem.


To achieve the above function, the traditional way that there is not any procession with the picture information must be changed. It means that the traditional supervision mode will be changed and will be the time of picture processing-oriented. Related chip of the intelligent system is: M5293L.