Influenced by Evil Spirits: 6 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

.tags Have you ever felt inexplicably angry, sad, exhausted, or otherwise not yourself? Ever experienced a dramatic personality change while under the influence of alcohol? It’s possible that those feelings weren’t you, but the affect of dark or other-dimensional energy.

Based upon our empirical research, we believe it’s possible for lost souls, defined as those which have not yet gone to the Light after their physical bodies have died, to intrude in your everyday affairs, even to the point of dramatically influencing your behavior.

These unseen influences range from benign lost souls looking for a way out of their predicament, to outright malicious demons who desire to harm you.

There exist many spiritual professionals today who offer different forms of depossessions, clearings, and cleansings. Unfortunately, since the origin of the attachment or possession can be very complex and often difficult to pinpoint, and the process of removing the harmful energy can be time consuming, few practitioners are experienced enough to successfully handle the tougher cases.

Regrettably, even if they take measures to protect themselves, some people are more susceptible to the influence of lost souls and attack by dark energy.

Below we list 6 common symptoms.

1. Sudden drug and, or alcohol abuse. What a better place to get a fix for an invisible, wandering soul than from an existing user. Suddenly drinking or craving alcohol more than you usually do is a sign that you may have company.

If your friends are asking you, “What’s gotten into you, why are you over-doing it so often?”, maybe something really has gotten into you and is driving you to abuse your body.

2. Unusual behavior from a young age. You may very well have picked up a wandering soul early in your life if you’ve endured abuse, surgery, or serious illness as a child, and it (or they) might still be with you.

3. Excessively emotionally trying periods of your life. Extreme stress breaks down your spiritual defenses and opens you up to strange energy.

4. Acute, unexplained bouts of depression. If you can’t explain the source, it’s possible you may be carrying a heavy, unseen load.

5. Hearing voices in your head, especially negative messages, could be a sign that you have a spiritual hitchhiker with you or that you’re hosting a party with uninvited, invisible guests. We believe it’s possible for problematic, other-dimensional energies to plant ideas in your head in order to manipulate your behavior for their benefit. Spiritually sensitive people, or those firmly tuned into their intuition, frequently hear messages within from the other realms, but it can be challenging to keep themselves closed off to foreign, toxic energy.

6. Reading this information and having a strong, critical reaction to it. Guess what? If you have dark energy with you, they’ll do anything to get you to ignore advice that would result in them being identified and escorted away. What you’re feeling, although it may simply be subconscious fear, could be the reaction of unseen entities and since you’re so used to it, you believe it to be your own.

The good news is that it’s very rare for even the darkest of other-dimensional energy to be able to cause you harm if you are aware of this phenomenon and take measures to protect yourself.

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